VPS Brazil vs. Shared Hosting - See Why the Former is Better?

VPS Brazil vs. Shared Hosting - See Why the Former is Better?

When starting a new website or picking the first-ever hosting plan, most people choose Shared Hosting. Its cheap price compared to other web hosting types makes it the most chosen alternative. However, with low price comes limited features and lots of drawbacks. In Shared Hosting there are numerous websites hosted over a common physical server. Therefore, each website gets limited resources, encounters high-security risks, and faces frequent downtimes. 

On the other hand, VPS Brazil offers excellent benefits to the websites. Despite its affordable prices, here you get independent server space, private resources, super fast speed, and much more. VPS Hosting by Serverwala is the best choice for Startups and SMBs and a much better option over a Shared Server. 

In this article, we will provide you detailed insights into VPS Brazil and compare its features with Shared Hosting. It will help you comprehend which one is better for your business and will help you achieve your desired objectives. 

VPS Hosting: Definition and Difference from Shared Hosting

VPS is a virtual server created using virtualization technology. In VPS Hosting a physical server is separated into multiple virtual servers, with each VPS having its independent space, resources, and bandwidth. The virtual server acts like a Dedicated Server but comes at a lower price. 

The websites over a VPS can utilize the resources as per their needs and do not have to share them with other websites. 

In Shared Hosting there is no division of resources, which results in slow website speed and declined performance. Whenever a neighboring website has a spike in traffic it slows down the loading speed of all other websites over the server. Further, if your website gets popular and the traffic increases, its performance starts dropping down with Shared Hosting. 

Therefore if you choose Shared Hosting you have to incur lower hosting expenses but you may suffer through the loss of revenue, sales, and potential customers. While VPS Brazil will lead to faster business growth with outstanding website performance. 

Advantages of VPS Hosting you must know

As we said earlier, that the benefits you will get from Brazil VPS Hosting is more valuable than the extra cost you need to bear. If we talk about the figures, a Shared Hosting plan starts from a price range of $10, excluding the hidden charges which are not upfront declared by the web host. On the other hand, VPS Brazil by Serverwala starts from $25 without any hidden costs. So, by paying just a few dollars extra you will get your independent server with huge growth potential. 

Below are the various benefits of Brazil VPS Hosting -

Higher Security

Strict security is very important to keep the website data safe from hackers and spammers. The confidential data stored on a server needs to be protected from any potential cyber threat otherwise the business may suffer a big loss. 

Shared web hosting means that all websites share the same IP address, so if the neighboring website suffers a security breach, your sensitive data is at risk.

However, with Serverwala’s VPS Brazil you will get a unique IP Address along with top-tier server security. You will get DDoS Protection, Firewalls, SSL certificates, intrusion prevention, etc with your VPS plan to prevent any kind of security risk. 

Better Performance

Superfast Loading Speed and Superior Performance are very important for the faster growth of a website. In addition to helping improve the user experience, it also helps to achieve high rankings in search results.

In Shared Hosting there are multiple users, so the loading speed is frequently slowed down. Moreover, during high traffic, there is a possibility of a server crash. 

Hosting VPS Brazil ensures smooth performance with its private resources. When you have your independent server and no influence from neighboring websites the speed and performance will eventually improve. 

Greater Flexibility

If you are running an eCommerce store or an Online Business higher flexibility is very crucial to you. You need the authority to install tools and software on your server which are necessary for your business operation. That’s why with Brazil VPS you are given Root Access to your server. 

Furthermore, VPS Hosting allows you to upgrade the plan easily. So, if the traffic grows and the need for more resources arrives you may get an upgraded plan. 

Lower Downtime

It is one of the greatest advantages of a VPS Server. Higher Downtime reduces the reliability and user experience of the website. For every online business to achieve substantial growth it's necessary to ensure the website is available 24/7. Regular Downtime will lead to the downfall of the business and its revenue. 

With Serverwala’s VPS in Brazil, you will get 99.9% Uptime. It is the best as compared to the industry standards. 

Things you Must Consider if you are Switching from Shared to VPS Brazil

The best move is to choose VPS Hosting Brazil from the beginning stage of the website. But in case, if you have chosen Shared Hosting, you must have decided to switch over to VPS after reading the points above. 

Keep the below-given elements in mind before migrating to VPS Hosting -

Choose a Reliable VPS Host

Choosing a reliable VPS Provider is very important for achieving the targeted results. Serverwala, a global hosting company provides top-class VPS Plan in Brazil. Some of the key features of their plan include - premium hardware, DDoS Protection, SSD Disk Drives, Root Control, and 24/7 Support. Additionally, Serverwala has also won multiple awards for its effective services and support. Apart from VPS, here you can also buy Dedicated Server, Bulk Mail Server, Cluster, Colocation, GPU Dedicated Server, etc. 

Choose Managed VPS

Managed VPS is a better choice since the web host manages all the technical aspects of the server. Server setup and Upgradation are taken care of by the host on your behalf. You will get a user-friendly control panel to manage your website. 

While the Unmanaged VPS could be a good choice for web developers and other technical people who need complete control over the server. 

Final Thoughts

VPS Brazil is a much better alternative than a Shared Server from every aspect. If we compare the security, downtime, control, or scalability, VPS overtakes Shared Hosting at every point. With just paying a few dollars more you will get so many exciting features with your server. VPS Hosting will help in faster growth and better reliability of your website.