Try On Some Inexpensive But Fabulous Looking Stick-On-Nails

Women have been adding colour to their nails for thousands of years, in 3,000 BC. Chinese women soaked their nails in a mixture of gelatine, egg whites, beeswax, and flower petal dyes made from roses and orchids. Red nails came into vogue during the reigns of the Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra, who were famed for wearing vivid scarlet nails, an accoutrement that never goes out of style even centuries later!

Since then, women all around the world delight in giving their nails a shining sheen in a multitude of hues all across the rainbow's spectrum. While manicures and nail polish still maintain their popularity, many younger women are turning to convenient and affordable stick-on nails that look fantastic for a lot less money and hassle!

Here are some of the great advantages that stick-on-nails can bring to your style!

No Damage - The powerful glue that bonds acrylic nails to your natural nails can weaken your nail beds over time so that your nails become flimsy and tear easily. Stick-on-nails use a gentler kind of adhesive that holds them securely to your fingertips but does no damage to the nail bed that lies beneath.

No Chipping - Nail polish requires a clear coating be applied to protect your chosen colour and design and prevent them from chipping. Even with the coating, they will still be easy to chip due to soaps and alcohol-based skin products damaging them. Stick-on nails won't lose their colour and shine while you wash your hands, making unsightly chipping a thing of the past!

Promotes Self-Expression - It's always fun to try out new looks and beauty regimes, but it can prove difficult to experiment much if you are on a low budget. Stick-on-nails are much less expensive than other nail products, so you can express yourself and achieve your personal feeling of well-being without breaking the bank!

Easy To Reapply - There are times when your stick-on nails may come off due to hitting an object or having too much pressure put on them. When this happens, fear not, they are very easy to reapply! Keep a small vial of the proper glue in your bag and you can be back in business looking sharp in minutes! It's so easy!

Readily Available - While many salons and fancy retail shops charge top dollar for their nail products, the same cannot be said for convenient stick-on nails! You can find a wide selection of great-looking stick-on-nails in a variety of retail outlets such as chemists, accessory shops, and even convenience stores that look so good no one will ever know they were so inexpensive! Why pay a lot of money when you can look fabulous for so much less?

The Australian Government has issued some warnings about the chemicals used in some cosmetic products, so it's always wise to keep abreast of the subject, click here for more information. As far as we know there are no problems associated with stick-on-nails so give them a try, they can make you look and feel fantastic without all the fuss and expense!