Restaurants need online ordering during the COVID19 pandemic?

Restaurants need online ordering during the COVID19 pandemic?

Restaurants are one the most hit during as well as the aftermath of the pandemic. Surveys conducted have reported that at least 25% of all small businesses have temporarily shut down. Some even feel that permanent closure may be unavoidable. This does not mean that bigger hotels and restaurants are safe. This industry witnessed employee layoffs in millions across the globe. Presently, they are offering delivery services comprising of the condensed menu. Take-out and delivery services have managed some restaurants to stay afloat. There is reported a 50% increase in food delivery services. This is where the online ordering system plays a significant role and its importance has only increased manifolds post-pandemic period. 

Restaurants need online ordering during the COVID19 pandemic

Know the benefits

The restaurant industry witnessed an increase in online ordering before the outbreak.  By 2025, it was estimated to touch approximately $200 billion. Presently, online ordering is considered to be the only revenue source for almost all restaurants. This is what has been helping them to avoid permanent closures. It is also likely to be stay relevant even beyond this pandemic period. This is because businesses are now seeking long term changes in their operational style. 


  • First mover advantage: Restaurants that relied only on 3rd party aggregators or did not have in-house online delivery has now established in-house delivery service. It is sure to help capture new markets and also learn new ways to promote online business. What was expected to happen gradually over 10-15 years now has occurred instantaneously. 

  • Psychological connection: Although given the current adversities, restaurants have been offering food delivery services. Their delivery staff is taking the pains to offer customers refreshment and relief. According to experts, customer-targeted food delivery apps are likely to have affected people positively. The connections developed by the restaurants during the crisis with their customers via online delivery are expected to continue. It will also grow stronger in the future. 

  • Customer base expansion: Even traditional customers were compelled to go online with their requirements during this crisis. This period witnessed faster digital economy growth. Restaurants offering online deliveries can now expand their existing customer base and cover new demographics. But they need to emphasize more attention to their eCommerce and digital experiences immediately. 

The above advantages are sufficient enough for restaurants to seek online ordering in the long term.