TikTok Ban In India: Tiktok Annoyance Must Be Banned For Good!

TikTok Ban In India: Tiktok Annoyance Must Be Banned For Good!


With a whopping user base of more than one billion worldwide, TikTok has become a most common short-video social media platform used by over 50 million mobile phone users in India.

People challenging enormity, copying their favorite stars and celebrities, dancing illogically in front of the fast moving cars or even giving some ugly and irritating impressions at the camera equipped with a huge collection of special effects. This is nothing, but today’s world of TikTok, where people are ready to cross their limits to grab their most desirable thing – fame.

Recently the government of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has imposed a ban on TikTok in India while alleging to encourage the ‘cultural degradation’ among teens of the country.

The reports collected through the latest news in Tamilnadu say that this widely popular video platform is highly responsible for creating an unexpected menance for the young generation and other normal citizens of India.

Many people irrespective of their age and locations are using this app to waste their time while making stupid and meaningless short videos. This results in making them unproductive and causing a huge damage to the society. 


Where the Ban on TikTok Started from?


The Karnataka State Commission of Women has recently decided to come forward and approach Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in a search for creating a law to initiate an immediate ban of the app in the state. To take the procedure further, they also filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court.


The Madras High Court also came into action in a response to another petition filed with the same interests in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu and advised the state government to take some necessary directions to prevent people from downloading of the app.

Prior to this, Thamimum Ansari, a Tamil Nadu MLA had called for an instant ban of this social video platform, alleging that it includes some harmful content for kids, teens and grown-ups. As a result, the state assembly came into action and decided to enforce a ban.

Apart from the ban on the app in the above mentioned two states, Indian lawmakers and authorities sitting in various other parts of the country are also seeking a forever prohibition towards TikTok.

While the owners of the app are disagreed with explanations given by the Indian lawmakers, critics say that the usage of tik tok is enough to expose young kids and teens to unlawful content and language that could help them to learn something inappropriate.


Reaction of TikTok’s Publisher to a Ban Imposed by Madras Court


In a response of a ban of the app, the Chinese publisher named ByteDance, which turned musical.ly into TikTok comes forward to make an appeal to the India’s Supreme court, alleging that this ban will damage to the right of freedom of expression.

The worldwide popular mobile app publisher also states that such kind of ban imposed by the Madras Court will limit the rights of the citizens of India.

The plea filed by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance will be presented in India’s apex judicial institution on 15th of April under the supervision of a judicial bench encompassing two highly experienced justices Sanjiv Khanna and Deepak Gupta and knowledgeable chief justice Ranjan Gogoi.

The urgent listing of the same plea had been rejected by the court on 8th of April.


Why Could Imposing A Ban Of Tiktok Be An Appropriate Step?


More than 500 million users that make a figure of 39% of this popular video streaming platform have been registered from India and, as a matter of fact, most of them come from the age groups that range from 16 to 24 years old.

The scenario forced the public interest litigation, also known as PIL, to file a case against TikTok saying that they are hosting porn on their platform while exposing the young generation to sexual predators as well as encouraging pedophiles.

Meanwhile, the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu issued directions to the concerned authorities under an interim to prevent people from installing the mobile app from any app downloading platform. The interim order also warns media outlets to stop people from sharing the tiktok videos.

They also suggest the Central Government to introduce a law similar to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Action (COPPA) prevailed in the US right before 16th of April.


TikTok Vs Other Social Media Platforms


Although Indian lawmakers have been seen against the utilization of social media for long, the immense popularity of TikTok especially among youngsters could be a major reason for imposing this ban by the annoyed authorities.

The major eligibility of using this app is to becoming at least 13 years old and having an approval of a guardian or a parent to those who are under the age of 18. By the way, the app also appears in the mobile devices of several under age users.

TikTok users enjoy the main element of engaging with completely strange persons, sharing a split screen and giving unique responses to their videos. The friendly interface and simple design allows even a layman to use it easily, unlike the complicated apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

However, some of its awkward and ugly content equipped videos are trolled by the people on several other social media platforms.


Final Thoughts: Although the ban of Tiktok imposed by the Madras court is the latest news in Tamilnadu, critics have to wait for some time for its ban nationally. The Chinese giant ByteDance will present their plea against this ban on April 15.

Let’s see what the Indian lawmakers and authorities will decide for its continuing usage among the young individuals! Well, child’s safety is must. So, any decision taken from our concerned authorities in terms of a favor for the welfare of our kids and teens will be accepted!

Share your thoughts in the comment box what kind of action the Central Government should take towards the ban of the app in the coming hearings!!