How to Read Manga Online on Smartphone Devices?

How to Read Manga Online on Smartphone Devices?

With online manga reading platforms, getting access to the latest manga is now easier than ever. You just need to have a computer with an internet connection and a web browser, you’d be able to search and read a huge number of manga online.


But still, computers and laptops are not so easily portable. You don’t always have these devices with you. Your mobile phone, on the other hand, is with you at all times. If you can read manga on your smartphone, then it would take the ease of access to a whole new level.

This is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to tell you the best ways you can enjoy reading manga on your smartphone.

You can read manga on your smartphone using the following ways

  1. Mobile Web Browsers
  2. 3rd Party Manga Apps for Smartphone

Both these ways have their own pros and cons. Still, if you want to read manga on your mobile phone, you have to go with one of these 2 ways. Let’s dig in a little deeper and see how you can read manga on your smartphone using a web browser or 3rd Party manga apps.  

Use Mobile Web Browsers

The easiest way you can get access to your favorite manga and read it online is by using a mobile web browser. The process for reading manga would be the same as with a PC or laptop web browser.


You will use your phone to look for online manga platforms like manga stream and then visit the website on your phone and read manga from there. If you are used to of reading on your phone, then reading manga this way shouldn’t be a problem for you. You are going to need to know about the trending websites that are offering online manga features. Once you have these websites, you can go to them and read manga from there, using your phone.   

Use 3rd Party Manga Apps for Smartphone

Using mobile apps is another way of reading manga on your smartphone. You can download the dedicated manga apps from Google Play Store or from 3rd Party sources for reading manga online.

Here are some of the best apps that can be used for reading manga on mobile devices 

  • MangaGeek: MangaGeek features a fun user interface that is simple to navigate for its users. This app comes with a massive library of the latest manga that the users can read from this app for free. This app is free to use and can be easily downloaded and installed from Google. 


  • mangastream: This app is one of the most popular free android apps for reading manga. With this app, you get the same user experience as you’d on an online manga web app. Once you are on mainstream, you’d be able to search for the manga that you want to read and then read it in an immersive way.


  • MangaRock: The user interface of MangaRock is non-distracting. If you want to read manga in a smooth environment where you don’t get interrupted with ads, then is the app for you. Check it out for reading manga online.  


  • MangaBrowser: MangaBrowser offers you the biggest collection of manga that you can browse to look for the series of your choice. This manga app is available on many 3rd Party websites and is safe to use. The UI design of this site is quite aesthetically pleasing.


  • MangaPanda: MangaPanda also has a web app. Once you start using this app, you won’t want to check out any other platform for reading manga. It is just that great. It features a nice user interface with an excellent user experience. We highly recommend this app for reading manga on mobile devices.

Wrapping UP

Online manga platforms are everywhere. You can find a huge collection of trending manga websites at Pastnews. But still, reading manga on mobile devices offers better accessibility and greater control. And since mobile phones are easily portable, you can read manga at any time and anywhere you want with your smartphone. Check out the ways for reading manga online on smartphones that we have talked about here for a better manga reading experience.