The 7 Most Common Mistakes That Python Developers Make

The 7 Most Common Mistakes That Python Developers Make

Python is an advanced-level programming language that has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its capability of carrying out multiple tasks. The increasing demand has led to many businesses coming forward to Hire Python Developers. Apart from being used by the top names in the digital world, Python has gained a boom because of the simple language it uses. And while the simplicity makes learning Python look easy, it leads to people making a lot of mistakes. Here are the seven most common mistakes that Mobile App Development Company should pay attention to made by Python developers.

  • Errors

Simple mistakes while coding can lead to Syntax Errors. Also known as Tracebacks, mistakes like an absence of colon, double space, etc. can become an unidentifiable problem. In such a case, Python fails to read and understand the language and thus shows an error. When you hire Python developers, test their skills in writing error-free syntax & error detection.

  • Indentation

Indentation is a process that creates a block of code. This process requires the developer to write each line of the same size. Although simple, one additional space can cause errors. Indentation is considered very important and crucial. While many think it is done to make the back-end look clean, what most people miss out is that it requires a lot of skill to do indentation. Tabs are frequently confused with spaces, which leads to unidentifiable errors.

  • The init method used wrong.

Also known as the constructors, the init method adds functions and attributes to a class when Python creates an object out of it. The init method can be used to create a memory of the same. While it has got a purpose, overusing the process sends out the message to Python that you are trying to deviate from the real function.

  • Class Variables

Class variables are used as dictionaries in Python. The process is commonly referred to as the MRO or the Method Resolution Order. Class variables helps in defining the search paths of the class that Python would be using to look for the correct process for the class in question. It most frequently causes reading errors if it’s not handled carefully.

  • Binding Variables Method

Many developers are confused about the process of Python binding. The binding behavior used by the programming language studies the values of the variables in closures while calling its inner function. Until this aspect is understood right by the Python developers, the developer is bound to create errors.

  • Naming Library Modules

Python is full of library modules. An inexperienced Python developer makes the mistake of naming the library modules with the name of an existing Python Standard Library Module. It results in Python importing the library with the name. It creates a functional confusion which one needs to be extremely careful about.

  • LEGB Error

LEGB is the acronym used for the Local, Enclosing, Global, Built-in. Python has a different method for scoping in comparison with other coding languages. Assigning a variable inside a scope leads to Python, considering it to be local. It results in Python shadowing or somewhat neglecting any other similar variables in an outer scope.


The mistakes mentioned above are like silly mistakes but are made by most. It is here that the importance of Mobile App Development Company to Hire Python Developer comes into limelight. It is not easy to find an expert developer. Taking the help of a reputed Mobile App Development Company like ARKA Softwares ensures an error-free mobile or web app for your business.