How Do I Manage Comments on Facebook Ads?

How Do I Manage Comments on Facebook Ads?

In this digital era, Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. Due to the immense popularity, Facebook has attracted the attention of businesses. It has become a standard online marketing tool. Almost all companies use it to promote products, events, and services. If you have a business and are not on Facebook, you miss out on many opportunities. Facebook has its advertising program to cater to these companies that want to maximize the exposure of their products and services. This advertising program is called Facebook Ads.


Facebook ads work like online advertising program. You set up your ads, fund them with enough money, and then post them live on the social network. Now, these ads can take different forms. These interactive activities include commenting on posts, liking posts, liking pages, and participating in apps or games; this is where Facebook Ads come in, also of course to the usual ads. If you want more comments or likes on your Facebook page, or you want people to share the content of your Page; here are few points to keep in mind while working with the Facebook ad program.

Here are some tips to use Facebook ads to get the best results:

To get best results, you must proceed with the points given below:

  • Use images well in your advertisements. If you look at the ads that appear in the Facebook sidebar, the ads with the best ideas stand out from the rest. 
  • Target your ads. You can target an audience via gender, location, age, education, marital status, interests, etc. 
  • Try rotating ads to test which types of ads deliver the best results. You can track your performance, collect data, and then determine which ads to keep running.
  • Write compelling and engaging ad copy. 


After proceeding with all of these tips, you will maximize the results you will get from your Facebook ads. Some users want to turn off comments on Facebook ads, and unfortunately, the users can hide comments; they can't turn it off. 


However, when you are using a marketplace in the web browser and suddenly encounter the issue- Facebook marketplace not working, you must proceed with the following tips:

  • First, Sign out of Facebook by hitting the arrow on the top right corner.
  • Next, Clear all cache and cookies from the device.
  • Ensure to use using the most updated version of the browser;
  • Restart your PC
  • Again, Sign-in to Facebook and try again.


With these steps' help, you might get your issue fixed, and many users want to know about Facebook Watch Party. You must watch the public videos on Facebook in real-time with a group of your friend; moreover, create a watch party from your News Feed in a group on a Page or any video you're watching. However, several users have a question in their mind- how to transfer Facebook business manager ownership? Well, to transfer business manager ownership is easy. If you are a Business Manager Admin, you can approve the requests of partner by following the steps given below:

  • The first step is to Sign-in up your Business Manager.
  • Next, Open Business settings and hit- Requests
  • Now, Tap on the option- Received.
  • Under the received tab, you will see the users who have requested access and the businesses they belong. 
  • Finally, Hit- Approve or Decline

With these steps help, either you have approved a partner request to give someone permission to access the Page or an ownership request to transfer ownership of the Page.