Why Local Family Dentists Should Invest in SEO

Why Local Family Dentists Should Invest in SEO

Dentistry is a cutthroat industry and dental patients have a wide array of options when it comes to choosing their dental practitioner. To be successful in the dental industry, you must have the competitive edge to stand out and attract more patients, like the Family Dentist Tree in Oakville.


Luckily, you do not have to invest in expensive marketing materials to promote your services. Local search engine optimization (SEO) for dentists is one of the best and most effective strategies to promote your dental services to local patients. In the age of the Internet and digital marketing, search engines, such as Google, offers a fast way to connect with the locals. If used properly, SEO can help you expand your audience reach in a short period of time.

Here are several reasons why local family dentists must invest in SEO:

● Increased Traffic and Conversion Showing up on the first page of search engine results likely gives your dental practice more impressions and gain more clicks, which boosts traffic to your website.Additionally, SEO helps your website show up in the SERPs through keyword-related title tags and meta-descriptions. Optimizing tags and descriptions help increase click- through rates, gaining more web traffic.

● Branding and Visibility
Dentists want their potential patients to find their websites online. That is why you need to improve your visibility and branding. However, you have to appear on the first page of the search engine rankings for better visibility. Showing up in search engine results for targeted keywords related to your industry provides you with a huge advantage over your competitors. Keep in mind that most people do not simply perform one search only. 

When searching for information online, they tend to click on several websites, edit their search term, look for other information, and then further change their search keywords, and so on.

Dental practices, such as Lakeside Family Dental in Burlington, need to keep up with this changing behaviour, but how do you do that? Using the keywords and phrases that are commonly used by your target patients can help you consistently show up in all those search results. 

● Higher ROI
An effective SEO strategy is the secret to increasing your ROI. SEO can reward your website at a higher rate than other types of marketing and advertising methods. Since SEO is a type of inbound marketing technique, it enables you to market your practice to prospects when they are searching for relevant dental products or services.

To connect with your ideal target patients, you have to capture their full attention by appearing on the top search results page where they are landing. Also, it is important to stay relevant to your prospects’ search terms by showing up whenever they are seeking for dental practice like yours. While there is no need for you to convince them to choose your services, you must be able to show them that your dental practice is worth choosing over other dental services.

● Cost-Effective
Unlike traditional marketing strategies (TV, radio, and print ads), you do not need to invest tons of money to promote your dental practice to your ideal clients. While TV ads and other traditional marketing are still effective, they are not only time-consuming but their lead generation is 61% more costly than an inbound marketing strategy.

Additionally, SEO works by targeting an audience who is actively looking for dental products or services like the ones your dental practice is offering. This benefits your website with more qualified traffic than other marketing and advertising strategies, resulting in more cost savings.

● Credibility
Proper use of keywords and target phrases is essential for building the credibility of your dental practice. When searching on search engines, many potential patients often make mental notes. Ranking your website high on the SERPs can be considered a vote of confidence. It also gives people the idea that Google trusts your dental practice to be
relevant in the search engine results, for example, Precision Dentures in London Ontario. High ranking dental practices can also help make your brand be seen as more credible in the eyes of your ideal patients.

We hope we’ve demystified Dental SEO for you and given you some jumping-off points to get your website in top shape.