Get Your Merckens Chocolate Wafers Wholesale at Stover & Company

Get Your Merckens Chocolate Wafers Wholesale at Stover & Company

Those who enjoy molding colorful chocolate treats for all different types of occasions have at some time or other come across Merckens Chocolate Wafers. Some of them may exclusively use them, and here are a few of the reasons why.

Convenient to Use

Confectioners love Merckens Chocolate Wafers because they are absolutely perfect for molding and dipping. Since Merckens Wafers contain vegetable oils in their composition, they are easy to melt and remelt time and time again.


They also will re-harden after melting without requiring tempering and their texture and flavor will not be altered. You can heat up Merckens Wafers in a simple double boiler, pour it right into your prepared mold and get to creating. There’s no tempering required, and the texture and flavor of the finished product will be ideal.

Great Texture and Flavor

Everyone loves that Merckens Chocolates are easy to melt and mold, but people all around the country love Merckens Chocolates for their unsurpassable flavor and texture. The same blend of vegetable oils that make it easy to melt and work with their chocolates give them amazing texture and flavor as well.


Their chocolates are richly flavored and velvety smooth, even after melting and molding several times. Their timeless flavor and suave consistency have endeared them in the hearts of those with a sweet tooth forever.

Lots of Colors

Confectioners also love the fact that many Merckens Wafers are available in a wide range of colors that make them suitable for confection and decoration throughout all of the months of the year. Whether you are looking forward to making some themed chocolate treats for Halloween or something similar for Easter, Merckens Chocolate makes it easy!

Options for Other Tastes

These are some of the things that confectioners love about Merckens Chocolate Wafers, but whether you practice molding chocolate or dipping on a recreational or a commercial scale, you might have a need to get your Merckens Chocolate Wafers wholesale. If you do, you should check out the options that Stover & Company can provide you with, and all from the convenience of their website,

Plenty of Other Variety

When you buy your Merckens Chocolate Wafers wholesale from Stover & Company, you will have access to plenty of different colors and styles of Merckens Chocolate. That’s not all, though - at Stover & Company, you will have access to many other necessary categories of products and raw ingredients for baking and confectionery.


It would be impossible to list it all, and wiser for you simply to visit their site at the link listed above in order to become familiar with their offerings. Suffice it to say they provide raw materials including but not limited to flours and specialty flours, sugars including sugars for decorating, butter, shortening, chocolates, and much more. If you need it for baking or confectionery, you can lean on Stover & Company.

Great Service, Great Prices

There’s one more reason to make Stover & Company your trusted supplier of Merckens Chocolate Wafers and other necessary ingredients for baking. Stover & Company will not allow their customer service to be outdone. If that means that they have to go above and beyond to answer your questions or to put you in touch with the ingredients or information you need, they will do it. Their service, however, extends into pricing.


Every customer is different, and therefore every customer has different needs in pricing and bulk purchasing. Stover & Company’s aim is to work out a pricing strategy for every customer individually, and all you have to do is get in touch with them. Check out their website, listed above, or give their team a call at 724-274-6314 and you can see for yourself.


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