Basic Wardrobe Essentials That You Must-have
Basic Wardrobe Essentials That You Must-have

Basic Wardrobe Essentials That You Must-have

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet with nothing to wear? Shopping bags are strewn around the custom wardrobes Sydney, your bank account a little lighter, and the last thing you remember is being overwhelmed in a clothing store. If this scenario describes you, then you may have experienced a fashion blackout and it is a frequent disorder of people who hate shopping for clothes.


People afflicted with this condition often procrastinate about clothes shopping until there is an urgent need. They wander into a clothing store and proceed to buy whatever is within their eye path. Later, they find themselves back to square one with nothing to wear and the cycle repeats. There is a way to stylishly step off of this treadmill of fashion victimhood. The solution is a basic wardrobe checklist.

  1. The most important thing about fashion is fit. 

If it doesn't fit, it can't look good no matter how flattering the design or the color. When you try on clothes don't pay much attention to size labels. Sizes vary enormously from brand to brand. Try the garment on, buy what fits, not the size you think you should be. No-one can see the label, if it bothers you cut the size label off. You don't need it. Best of all, buy made to measure.


Don't put off buying clothes 'until you lose weight' and never buy something that's a little tight because you intend to lose weight. We all need to feel great in order to be effective in our lives and jobs. Good, well-fitting clothes help us feel confident; there is absolutely no reason to delay that until you lose weight. You need to be confident now.

  1. Don't buy on impulse. 

You should regard every item in your custom walk-in wardrobe separately, but you should never buy anything unless it will coordinate with at least 3 other items you already own.

  1. Buy quality not quantity. 

The best wardrobes are not those with the most clothes. They are the best built in wardrobes Sydney which allow their owners to look good and feel confident all the time, no matter what the occasion. A friend of mine has a rule about what she buys, she asks herself if she would buy the item if she was married to a millionaire. If the answer is yes, she goes ahead. Items that are lined last longer, buy those in preference. You get what you pay for, but sometimes these days even expensive clothes are badly constructed. Turn the garment inside out and take a good look at the seams. Are they properly finished?

  1. Don't buy high fashion of any kind. 

It will be out of style as soon as you know it (that's what high fashion is about). Buy classic garments in excellent quality.

  1. Buy plain colors rather than prints. 

You can add new accessories to these, scarves, pins, necklaces, jackets which will make them look quite different and help them last for years.

  1. Buy for your lifestyle, not someone else's. 

If you spend your life around the home and in the car taking children here there and everywhere, it makes sense that the wardrobe you need is not the same as is required by a woman whose life is spent at Charity luncheons and dinners.

  1. Either buy a book or get your colors done.

It's not that hard to work out what sort of color palette will suit simply by taking a good look at your skin tone, hair and eye color. Once you have the palette and you stick to it, your custom wardrobes Sydney will naturally coordinate, and you'll be able to put together some unplanned ensembles which will help you get the best value for the money you have spent.


Wardrobe planning can be fun, but it isn't a joke. Your wardrobe and your attitude to it, says a lot about you. Managed well it will help you get the promotion you always wanted and give you added confidence in everything you do. But clothing isn't everything. The most valuable item in your wardrobe is your smile.