Why Wear Proper Basketball Uniforms When Playing

Why Wear Proper Basketball Uniforms When Playing

Basketball undoubtedly is one of the most loved and popular sports in all of the United States. Statistically speaking, basketball has the second-highest viewership out of all the sports in the whole of America. With the help of social media and various sports channels, the popularity of the sport is still increasing exponentially. 20.5 million people watched the 2019 NBA finals (between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors), which is an 11% increase from the previous year.


Basketball looks quite easy; the players just have to throw the ball into the opposition's hoops, but in fact, it is quite tough, strenuous and a very physically taxing game that requires a lot of running, jumping, catching, and shooting and extremely high fitness levels. It’s a game that is pretty explosive and  very fast-paced and requires all the players to be in tip-top condition, both physically and mentally.


These are the reason why proper basketball team uniforms are designed the way they are as they are built to simply aid these tough individuals to perform their level best on the court. Originally basketball uniforms weren’t like this at all. In 1891 when the first game of basketball was played, players at that time wore long-sleeved thick woolen jerseys and long pants. Later the players and coaches realized how difficult it was to play in these long sleeves and long pants.


The long sleeves hindered the movement of the arm when the players were shooting the ball and the thick heavy wool caused fatigue and did not aid all that running and jumping. That is when the modern-day-esque basketball jerseys and basketball shorts came in. The jerseys were made to be without sleeves and the shorts had to stand approximately one in over the knees. Later on, Michael Jordan began wearing baggier uniforms and the style got popular.


The baggy fit gives comfort and does not hinder the fast movements of the players and simply allows them to maneuver the ball smoothly without any sort of troubles. There is another important gear that ballers always use. Though officially, they aren’t a part of the basketball uniform but are worn and loved by players. This gear is the ankle-high shoes. There is not a compulsion of any sort to wear them but the players wear them and me in the numerous years, I’ve been watching basketball, have never seen players step on the court without them. Heck, these high ankle shoes are famously known as basketball shoes.


These shoes provide exceptional grip and help players in running, dribbling, and jumping. Along with all this, these high-tops give amazing support to the ankles of the players which tend to bear a lot of stress and tend to get injured because of all the lateral and vertical movements.


These also stop the players from slipping on the polished wooden courts. Another reason why players wear proper uniforms is that uniforms create team unity and helps the team identify who their teammates are in the fast-paced game. The players stick together as a family and perform as a unit and a well-oiled machine. As the game is always intense and fast and the players don’t get the luxury of time, to look up and find their team-mates. The same jerseys and shorts catch the eye even when the player is dribbling and looking at the ball, and so it makes finding your teammate in open spaces and passing them the ball very very easy.


Basketball team uniforms are an integral part of the game and without them, it is very difficult to play and enjoy basketball to the fullest.

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