Best ISPs in India for Seamless Online Experience

Best ISPs in India for Seamless Online Experience

The COVID19 has adversely affected many companies and organizations throughout the world, bringing some fundamental changes to the world. While many companies have resorted to working from home, several others have also adjusted to their business workings and found new ways of doing things. The Internet has played a very important role in the past few months in keeping things running well in absence of other ways of collaboration. Under these circumstances, you need to keep several factors in mind when choosing an internet service provider or ISP such as data speed, data limit, value for money, and included free routers. These factors can make all the difference between an average ISP and one of the top ISP. Here are the best ISPs in India which you can opt for while looking for a new internet connection in India.


  • Airtel: Whenever someone is looking for the most premium broadband services in India, the name of Airtel is bound to pop up. Airtel has a lot going for it when it comes to providing world-class internet services in India. The offering includes speeds up to 1 Gbps using the V-Fiber broadband technology and a free compatible Wi-Fi router to make the most of the high speed. The plans start as low as INR 499 and the best part is that all Airtel Broadband plans offer unlimited data. You even get access to some of the OTT apps subscriptions which you can use as much as you want to stream high-quality content. Apart from being an ISP, Airtel also has other lines of businesses such as telecom including prepaid and postpaid connections, as well as DTH television. These all services merge seamlessly and can be managed through one central point of the Airtel Thanks App. With the broadband connection, the customers can also get the new Airtel Xstream Box free of cost; with the built-in Chromecast, it can also convert any TV into a SmartTV.

  • Jio Fiber Broadband: Jio Broadband is one of the top upcoming broadband providers which is quickly rising to the top spot due to an aggressive marketing and value-driven approach. The broadband provider has some interesting plans on the same line as Airtel. The plans start as low as INR 399 with a speed of 30 Mbps. The plan comes with unlimited free voice calls but does not offer any OTT apps subscriptions. Jio also has a combined plan price at INR 2500 which provides broadband at 150 Mbps speed and DTH services.

  • BSNL: BSNL broadband is a great option for customers who do not have access to Airtel or Jio coverage. Instead of newer fiber broadband technology, BSNL provides the ADSL broadband connection. It offers one of the most economical options of broadband starting INR 299, however it only gives 20 Mbps speed and it drops after the 50 GB data limit is reached.


While choosing an ISP, the customers should also consider the customer service of the broadband provider company. Airtel in this regard has proven to be head and shoulder above its competition with responsive and easy to reach customer care. To get a new connection with Airtel Broadband, you need to simply visit the Airtel Broadband webpage, choose a plan of your choice, and furnish your details so that the Airtel executives can contact you for the next steps.

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