Facts And Fictions About Using Coloured Contact Lenses

Facts And Fictions About Using Coloured Contact Lenses

All of us are born with unique eye colour. It may seem the same but inside our eye colour has different patterns, lines and shades that make our eyes unique. So what if someone told you that you can enhance those features of your eyes by using coloured contact lenses. That is right the coloured tint on those lenses allow you to change or enhance your eye colour as you wish.


So why not you also try enhancing or changing your eye colour with the help of coloured contact lenses like the blackout contacts. Or are you afraid something might happen to your eyes? Well, that has been the case with a lot of people nowadays, they are afraid because of some rumours flying about coloured contact lenses. That is why we are going to address such fiction with facts...

1 – They can Damage the Eye

Firstly, if coloured contact lenses would have damaged your eyes by just wearing them, they wouldn’t be legally available. Think of that. Secondly, you need to learn about how to use them safely, which is quite easy as there are only a few simple steps that you must follow. Such as not sharing them and cleaning them after every use.


Also, coloured lenses would only damage your eyes, if they are significantly low-quality lenses. That is why it is always suggested that you buy from a respectable online store or a well-respected brand.

If you are careless about buying your coloured contact lenses and would compromise on the quality for the price, then you are causing troubles for yourself.

All you have to do is follow your instructions carefully.

2 – Coloured Contacts Are Not Available For Prescription Purpose

That is not true any longer. Even doctors nowadays are providing a prescription for coloured contact lenses. That is to say, that coloured contact lenses can be used to correct your eye vision. You must be wondering how does that work, right?


Well coloured lenses always have a free middle zone that allows the user to see without any restriction. You can easily see with coloured contacts and even use them for correcting your vision. So if anyone thinks that they are left behind the fashion trends, should know that they can use coloured contact lenses as much as they want.

3 – They look Unnatural

For that to happen you would actually need to go out and buy low quality coloured contact lenses. That is buying from shady dealers, giving away coloured lenses for cheap pricing. Definitely, without quality, they are going to lose their shine.


Make sure you always buy quality coloured lenses and also that the colour you have chosen matches with the natural eye colour and your skin tone. The better the match the more natural your eyes will look. If you ask me, coloured contact lenses are the best fashion accessory that allows you to beautify yourself and still look completely natural.

4 – They’re Uncomfortable

Not they are not uncomfortable, not in the slightest. If you are careless, though, then that is another thing. What do I mean? Well, coloured lenses nowadays are made with more water content that allows gas permeability. They are super comfortable on the eyes.


But if you do not clean them properly after use and keep on wearing them for very long hours your eyes will get a bit itchy and uncomfortable. All you have to do is follow the instructions properly

6 - Contact lenses are not safe during sports.

 That is completely a false rumour. On the contrary, coloured contact lenses are widely used by athletes during sports and other activities. For athletes, special customized coloured contact lenses are made that helps them to tackle the issue of glare during their activities. These lenses are made of different colours and styles.


Secondly, coloured lenses are a better substitute for eyeglasses as they would not fog up or during extreme strenuous exercises, they would not fall off or break. You can wear them without any worry of losing them or worrying about your activity being disturbed.

7 – Coloured Lenses are expensive

Coloured contact lenses are extremely affordable nowadays. They were expensive some decades ago, but now they can be purchased by anyone looking to get beautiful. They are available in different types with different prices so you can choose the best option for yourself.

Myth 8 - Contact lenses stuck in the eyes.

Contact lenses cannot get stuck inside the eyes, that is completely false. When you are using coloured lenses your eyes are blinking constantly, that keeps the lenses wet. That never allows the lenses to stick on your eye. Just remember to never sleep with your coloured lenses on your eye.