Geofence is a Super-star feature that Underpins Fleet Management Solutions

Geofence is a Super-star feature that Underpins Fleet Management Solutions

The super-star feature, as we call it, Geofence defines the basis of most of the solutions in a fleet management system. It will not be wrong to say that geofences fuel the fleet monitoring solutions and fortify the fleet. 


They are like virtual boundaries defined in the system around the locations/spots of interest such as delivery locations, warehouses, etc. With the help of geofences, it is easy to create automatic event alerts. They provide added advantage to the fleet owners over their competitors. Let’s discuss the benefits of geofences.    

  1. Trigger an action

As soon as the vehicle or the asset enters/exits the marked geofence, the fleet manager or the concerned person receives an instant alert. These alerts can be shared in the form of SMSs, push notifications or emails. You get updates with the time and exact coordinates from where the vehicle/asset entered or left a geofence. Similarly, fleet managers can create more events around a geofence to make the most of the feature.  

  1. Better vehicle security

Once the vehicles or equipment are off duty, they must be parked at a designated spot. As we know, most of the ill attempts such as theft happen while the vehicle is at a halt, a geofence acts as a virtual radar that a vehicle can’t cross. In case the vehicle exits the geofence, it will notify the manager with an alarm. 

  1. Automatic Proof of Delivery

While there is always an option to opt for e-sign and OTP as the proof of delivery, but so many fleet owners prefer automatic proof of delivery as it saves time and dependency on the receiver. A geofence is marked around the delivery location. As the vehicle drops the consignment and leaves the geofence, the fleet manager and the consignee receive an alert citing the delivery of the goods.   

  1. Mark as preferred location or Point of Interest

You can mark your points of interest as geofences for your entire fleet. Any time any vehicle passes by the location, you will receive a notification about it. Preferred locations can be anything - official fuel stations, favourite food joints, home, local office or anything important to you. 

  1. Track ETA and detention time 

When you plan a trip by assigning multiple stops to a vehicle, how do you think the GPS Tracking system predicts an estimated time of arrival for the next stop in real-time? Yes, you guessed it right. The facility of geofencing is behind it. Similarly, monitoring the detention time of the vehicle at the stops will not affect the efficiency of the fleet as the manager gets an alert in case it exceeds the stipulated time.    

  1. Route deviation 

Yes, the most crucial feature provided by the route planning solutions is also the product of geofencing. The combination of perfectly plotted geofences sculpts the model of route deviation.  


These are the top-most crucial features that are devised using geofencing. Trackobit Geofence has so many use cases that it requires one dedicated blog to itself. We’ll discuss more use-cases in the future soon.