High Quality tts and it’s effect

High Quality tts and it’s effect

There is a lot of difference between high quality TTS and regular audio tracks. The voice quality will be very good in regular audio streams, but if you are on the go with your device then TTS Android audio can help you in so many more ways than one. With TTS Android you can get the best of both worlds. With the high quality of speech it provides, you can listen to it as you walk, drive your car or do your other daily activities without any interruption. It will help you in getting the information you want at the time you want it.

Types of voices

There are different types of voices that you can get with high quality TTS Android. For example, if you are calling your friend TTS will also provide you with her voice through other devices like her mobile phone, earphones etc. If you are sending messages to your friend via SMS using this feature you will get the accurate message delivery.Moreover, this feature is also useful in hearing speech that you might not hear in regular audio streams.You can hear the voice of your friends even when they are not able to hear you on their smartphone.

Better Audio Quality

Apart from this, TTS also provides a much better audio quality. You can now listen to voice messages that are coming from important people in your life. If you are not satisfied with the audio quality of voice you get, you can easily adjust it as well. This is extremely beneficial for people who always want to hear voices they love to hear. With the high quality of audio you get, you can clearly hear the speaker and the background music.

Additional Feature

In addition to this, you can also use this feature to hear different people talking in your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As you will notice, these voice chats are very casual and often do not carry much heavy music or lyrics. However, they are still clearly audible as they come through your android device. So, now you can listen to your favorite artist and know what they have to say through their unique voices.


All in all, TTS text to speech services are an innovative way to get your message across to others through your unique text messaging features. However, this high quality TTS software is only provided by certain text messaging service providers in the United States. This is because text messaging is a very common feature these days. Since so many people use their mobiles for messaging, there has been a high demand for software developers to create this high quality speech feature specifically for users of their respective smartphones.


Since Google owns the Android mobile operating system, it is likely that TTS will be available on all versions of the android phones in the future. However, this is yet to be confirmed. Since TTS is still a new feature, most android devices are not updated to support it. It is also not clear whether TTS will work with only some text messages or will it also work with all incoming and outgoing calls.