How And Why Do We Need To Conduct Electrical Safety Testing?
How And Why Do We Need To Conduct Electrical Safety Testing?

How And Why Do We Need To Conduct Electrical Safety Testing?

To make a product safe for use needs a lot of understanding of the hazards which exists in each electrical product. Certain potential hazards are present in the electrical devices and products from the beginning itself. This is because of how these are powered and how these perform their intended functions. Even though a product needs power spruce and used electronic or electric component, it should not prevent any kind of an electrical shock to the user.


Following are four fundamental hazards which must be evaluated as part of any product-safety evaluation.

• Physical or mechanical injury

• Electrical shock

• High energy or low voltage

• Fire

Though there are additional safety needs and requirements are included in most of the safety standards, these four hazards are the foundation upon which all the safety standards are based.


The electrical stocks and the effects of it can be caused by different factors. The main effect is the result of the electrical current which is passing through the human body. The severity of the injury to the human body is directly affected by such variables as the nature of the electrical voltage, the pathways through the human body, conductivity of the contact, the shape and size of the involved individual, the duration and also the size of the area. These points that are mentioned effect the magnitude of the current that flows through the body of the person.


The available safety standards usually address to the shock issue using the requirements that instruct appropriate product enclosure, connectors which do not allow the direct user access, insulating barriers or good dielectric, as we as very low leakage current. Not all voltage potentials, however, are considered hazardous. Some are considered safe for the contact of the users due to the low levels at which these work. Since the standards very specific about these limits, manufacturers should take care to test their products against the right product standards to be sure that the products are safe.

Why Electrical Safety Testing Is done?

Testing the electronic and electrical equipment and products for electrical safety is usually done to identify the potential risk of the electrical shocks that the user might get. This is one of the most important things and statutory obligation in most of the cases. If your premises are open to the public like schools, pubs, cinema, churches, clubs, dentists, doctors and much more. In such places, the inspection should be done yearly. If you are having a private dwelling then one should test the equipment at every after every ten years.


Usually, people to tend to overlook or ignore electrical testing, many companies now delegate the responsibility to dedicated companies. These companies keep all the data of the tests that they perform. This way there will be consistent clarity.

Is Electrical Testing Important?

Some companies conduct these tests on the fixed equipment like sockets, cables, light and much more and also on Portable Appliance testing. This is needed for all types of industrial, installation, domestic and commercial. The owners who want to sell these dwelling can utilise these services and make the test available for potential purchase.


For legal access, electrical safety is important and mandatory for every country in the world. This can also help you be safe from the unsafe products and it also prevents these products to reach to the market, thereby reducing the number of injuries and death as well as the cost of the product potential litigation. The manufacturers whose products have been certified and tested to applicable electrical safety standards send a clear signal to the buyers and the general public of their commitment to user safety.


Both the designer and the producer should perform their duty to protect the consumer and provide safety to them. Passing the verification for safe doesn’t mean that the danger won’t occur. The designer should browse safety-related information on the usual days, new standard announcement and new test methods will also affect the test basis of the products that are related.

Electric Shock

People usually get an electrical shock when there is a flow of current through the human body. This kind of electrical shock has a direct effect on the human body, the seriousness of the injuries depends on the degree of the humidity, electrical safety and also time is taken for the conduction. The hazards of the shock usually vary in severity and also range from the lethal jolt to a tingling sensation. Correcting, identifying and eliminating the hazards of shock and it is the main reason for the electrical safety test.

How To Conduct This Test?

One of the most widely applied standards is IEC 60335 which is used for electrical safety testing. This is used for domestic applications. There is plenty of safety testing which is based on this. The electrical safety testing will help you find if there is any potential electrical shock risk and fire hazards, highlight the lack of bonding or earthing or much more.

Therefore choose the best company for electrical safety testing UAE and perform safety testing.