Most Common Types of Fasteners Available To Be Used In Different Industries

Most Common Types of Fasteners Available To Be Used In Different Industries

Fasteners have turn out to be very vital in every industry for the reason that they serve a basic but important purpose. Each element in machinery or automobile is reliant on the fasteners that hold it together. Failure or nonfunctioning in a fastener can lead to tragedies happen that can be terrible.

Different types of fasteners include rivets, screws, nuts, bolts, retaining rings, panel fasteners, c pipe plugs, pins, linch studs, bolts, bits, and anchors.


Classification of common fasteners:

These fasteners can be classified into two main categories such as permanent and non-permanent fasteners. Washers are used with different types of threaded fasteners. rivets work as permanent fasteners and are wrecked upon disassembling.

Let's know more about the common types of it offered by Fasteners Manufacturers:



The most common type of bolts includes carriage bolts, hex head bolts, machine screws, shoulder bolts and socket cap screws among others.

Carriage bolts are designed with a countersunk head. The bolt has a square segment beneath the head which prevents further tightening of the bolt once the nut is fixed in place.

Hex head bolts are made or designed with a hexagonal head and a straight threaded shaft. The most common examples of such bolts comprise of trim head hex cap screws, hex cap screws, and hex tap bolts.

Shoulder bolts are machine screws with a shoulder in the straight shaft amid the head and the threaded part.

Common types of screws offered by Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturers UAE.


Machine screws are planned with a flat head at the tip and a shaft necessitating the head, which is threaded. These bolts are fit for a wide variety of applications and are consequently available in capricious drive types and heads.

Socket cap screws are classically used with a socket wrench. They specify a kind of fastener with a proportion of 1.5 of head diameter to screw shaft diameter.

Hex lag screws are usually used with a tug, for machinery essential to wood floors and heavy-duty practices.



Nuts are installed in combination with bolts. The most preferred types of nuts comprise of cap nuts, hex finish nuts, T-nuts, castle nuts, square nuts, and structural heavy hex nuts, among others.


A fastener standing in a permanent category commonly used rivets. rivets are non-removable unlike bolts and screws; they fundamentally function to grasp plates or sheet metal in place.

One of the best Stainless-Steel Fasteners, rivets are cast-off in applications such as civil structures made of steel, automobiles, clothing, aircraft components, ships, etc. Different rivets are castoff for varied reasons, varying with their application. Hence, there are numerous types of rivets, but the two most commonly used ones are

  • solid rivets and
  • pop rivets


Classification based on the metal used:

Fasteners can also be classified conferring to the material used for manufacturing them.

1. Titanium fasteners are used where corrosion is a detrimental factor and is unavoidable.
2. Heavy iron fasteners are used where weight carrying capacity is the purpose of the construction.
3. Stainless steel fasteners are cheap and corrosion-resistant.
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