Pawna Paradise: Camping Retreat by the Lake

Pawna Paradise: Camping Retreat by the Lake


Pavana Lake located in Maval taluka of Pune district of Maharashtra, is a favorite place for lovers of adventure sports or sports like camping and water sports. It is an artificial lake that has been formed due to the Pavana Dam. In between Mumbai and Pune, the distance of Pavana Lake from Pune is about 60 kilometers and the distance from Mumbai is about 120 kilometers.

This lake is also very close to Lonavala, the famous hill station of Maharashtra. We have heard many times about Pavana Lake that it is a very beautiful area and it is also a very famous place for camping.

Pawna Lake conduct into existence due to the Pawna Dam. The construction of the lake began in 1963 and ended in 1972. Pawna Dam is located on the Pawna River in Maval taluka, around 40 km from the frontier of Pimpri Chinchwad city.  It is 1,329 m and 4,360 ft long and 42.37 m and 139.0 ft high, with a gross storage capacity of 0.24 km and 0.058 cu mi.

The backwaters of the Pawna Dam formed a water supply, and the Pawna Dam backwaters subsequently came to be known as Pawna Lake. The distance between Pune to Pawna Lake is 62.6 km. Various camping-site business work has been started around the Pawna Dam Lake.

we can do it at Pawna Lake

1.  Adventures At Dudhiware Waterfall

2.  Camping at Pawna Lake

3.  Paragliding

4.  Trek up to the Lohagad or Visapur

5.  Tikona Fort Trek

6.  Kayaking at Pawna Lake

 This place is like an artist’s taste, offering ample colors with blue waters, green vegetation, brown hills, and the open blue sky above.

Pawna Lake offers all you’ve dreamed of in a holiday place – a calm setting, beautiful landscapes with unmatchable sceneries, and the right to explore. There is so much to see like Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, Tung Fort, Koraigad Fort, and Tikona Fort.

Best Time To Visit Pawna Lake

Due to a pleasant climate all over the year, Pawna Lake remains an undervalued favorite to be visited anytime you want to. Most of Lonavala and surrounding areas are dry and many water bodies dry up in summer, but this being dam had water even. It experiences high dampness during the summers with extremely hot mercury rise of 40 degrees Celsius and hence this season may feel uncomfortable for tourists to visit the town.  The summers at Pawna Lake start from the month of March and extend till the end of April and the nights, however, are comfortable and cool. Winter season welcomes tourists who are looking for a cool and pleasant holiday in Southern India. Winters are considered an outstanding season to visit the city where the nights are cool and chilly with a mercury dot of 13 degrees Celsius and a highest rise of 30 degrees Celsius.

Agriculture Around Pawna Lake

 Pawna Lake is a very big water retaining construction. Due to the very large storage of water, it passes down to an underground water stream and increases the water level. In the summertime, the main crops around Pawna Lake are Wheat, Groundnut, Pulses, Bajri, Jowar, and seasonal crops like tomato, cucumber, etc.

Pawna Lake is no less than a camper’s paradise. You can enjoy several profits during Pawna Lake camping and facilities based on the package you have chosen. This is the best place to enjoy with friends. The cool atmosphere and beautiful views of the sunset are what make it a special place for camping. You can enjoy  Pawna Lake camping, in Pune by involving in activities like swimming, canoeing, and boating. In Pawna Lake, camping is incomplete without enjoying the water activities there.

Do’s And Don’ts

- Take a pair of swimming wear. It will be needed when you go swimming.

- Don’t go for water sports activities if you are afraid of the water. The lake is deep, it is not safe for you.

- Don’t forget to take your camping essentials like  first aid, camera, torchlight,  etc

- Should be Wear loose and comfortable clothes while traveling to your point of destination.

- Do not take too much luggage as it is just only overnight camping trip.

Pawna Lake is 20 km from Lonavala. This Pawna lake camper’s paradise can be reached easily from both Mumbai and Pune. If you carry the road then you will reach your final destination which less than 2 hours and 41 minutes from Mumbai. There are two routes to carry from Mumbai. You can either choose the Kamshet route which is 122 km far away or the Dudhiware Khind route which is 108 km far away.

If the road is not a suitable option then you can choose the comfortable and affordable train ride. By train, the distance from Mumbai to Lonavala is around 100 km, and then 30 km from Lonavala to Pawna Lake.

 Several private buses are running from Mumbai to Lonavala. when you reach Lonavala, you have to book a  taxi ride to cover the rest of the journey of Lonavala.


Pawna Lake camping is one of the best ways of experiences that you can have. This overnight camping tour can help you refresh your mind. The beautiful atmosphere pawna lake and cool nature of this place are worth every second you spend there. This is the best place to refresh your mind. Camping near Pawna Lake for couples is an attractive place. This is a beautiful place to serve as a romantic getaway for many couples. If you want to spend some time with your partner then this is the best or great place to go. This camping in Pawna Lake is completely or very safe for visiting. This place is the one of best places. A lot of camping operators take good or nice care of this place for visitors. You do enjoy Pawna Lake night camping for a memorable experience. Leaving the place beautiful and making the best memories is the best feeling you can get. The attractive view and the fresh air around the lake relax your mind like anything. You must visit Pawna lake with your friends and family.