SageMusic: Summer Music Programs for Kids

SageMusic: Summer Music Programs for Kids

Are you searching for programs where your kids will learn something? Either summer classes for a specific subject where you think your kids are lacking or on a skill that you want them to develop within themselves. It is easy for kids to learn things as they are on the stage where they absorb readily through their fresh and sharp memory. It all depends on the kids' capability.

Though you already know what kind of knowledge you want them to gain or the skill you want them to learn, you might probably see it hard to find the best summer program. You might search from tons of sites and programs to enroll, yet seem to find it hard to meet the criteria you have.

Well, to help you with that problem, let me show you what aspects you need to consider being assured that you have chosen the right program for your kids.

How to Find the Best Summer Music Program?

Choosing the best summer music program is challenging. At first, you need to consider various aspects, including the safety and the assurance that your kids will learn about it. But aside from that, you need to answer some relevant questions to choose the best summer music program.

First, what is the primary reason you want your kids to join a summer music program? Is it to teach them to learn about music? Enhance their skills in songwriting? Or help them build their confidence in performing? Well, above all these, there is a probable reason that you need to remember. You will probably answer your purpose to choose the best one for your kids better.

Second, where do you see your kids would fit in? What environment you would put them in. Do you consider an on-site where they will be with other aspiring kids or want them to learn at home? Thus, no matter what kind of environment it is, all you need to remember is where your kids feel happy and surely understand. Later, as you go on, you will learn what in-person and virtual or online programs are available.

Third, the availability of your kids. This answers even the question of how long you want your kids to learn? You need to analyze when you want your kids to start and end, because of their availability, as they are also studying or have other summer programs involved. List the dates to know when you will probably end as summer is just like a day that passes by.

Lastly, is the financial aspect. So as others, one thing that we consider when applying for a summer music program is the money. Others may offer advantages such as discounts, especially for early enrollment or when you enrolled more kids. Thus, this might not be enough for some that money is a conflict of matter. That is why you need to consider where you can probably afford to enroll them.

Online and In-Person or Virtual Summer Programs

List of Online Music Programs

To better help you choose the best summer program, below are some of the online music programs that might meet your specific needs.

1. Sage Music School - Offers musical instruments and music training for kids. Music teachers develop their capabilities and give them the right thing the kids' needs.

2. Mike Block String Camp (July 5-10, 2021) - For Modern-day music styles that enhance students' skills in personal aspects.

3. StringsPop (July 12-23, 2021)- Aims to teach kids on group collaborations and arrangements on music videos.

4. Greater Washington Suzuki Institute (June 21-25) - For ages 4-18, which aims to teach them specifically on rhythms and techniques.

5. NYU SummerStrings (June 28 - 9 and July 12-23, 20201) - For a high level of training in competitions or auditions on orchestras and others. Includes seminars and classes to develop their skills.

List of In-Person & Virtual Summer

Below are some of the available in-person and virtual summer programs.

1. Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI) Boston University College Of Fine Arts - Aside from being a prestigious music school, they will help your kids develop their inner skills and be immersed in other aspects related to music.

2. Brevard Music Center Summer Institute and Festival - This program aims to develop their skills and participation through camaraderie.

3. Classical Piano Power Camp - This is great for kids who are learning the elements of the piano.

4. Killington Music Festival - KMF helps kids develop their skills through music study and other performances.

5. Summer@Eastman - A world-class experience in music will be handed to the kids. Not only will they teach students how music works, but they also incorporate music's history and theories in teaching.

How to Choose the Best Program?

To choose the best program for your kids, you need to consider their capability. Discover what specific thing they are good at or what particular aspect of their skill they lack. Yet, it would help if you believed what they want, for they are the ones who'll join the program. Always choose where they will be comfortable and where you'll see them grow.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best music program for your kids is genuinely challenging. You cannot hide the fact that we see this as an excellent opportunity for our kids to learn more about music. Making them music enthusiasts and appreciate the essence of music in our lives.

As kids, it is probably relevant and essential to teach them this thing, especially for musically inclined families. Remember that it is not you who will learn this thing; that is why you need to ask them first. Having them on the best program will be useless if the kids do not enjoy it and are not in line with what they want.

In the end, consider your kid's capability and wants. They are also the key to make themselves better in the world of music.