SEO Roadmap to Successful B2C Websites

SEO Roadmap to Successful B2C Websites

There is no argument to counter the advantages gotten from Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, and the importance of increasing local SEO rankings. The importance of SEO to Business to Consumer, B2C, and Business to Business, B2B, corporations cannot be underestimated in terms of business awareness compared to other related sources.


Due to technological advancements, especially in the SEO market around the world, it is of utmost importance that B2C and B2B corporations become aware of the recent changes to ensure more profitability. An example is Google's June 2019 broad core algorithm update, which was recently introduced into the SEO market. Contact us at DubSEO agency UK for further enquiries on this update.


Research gotten from an online article has shown that Google's June '19 algorithm update while profiting many businesses has also in a bad way disoriented the SEO rankings of small and large businesses. Also, another major worry is the limited information and data available to ascertain the level of effectiveness of this update.

SEO Success for B2C Websites in 2019

Until recently, Google has always specified three criteria to ascertain local SEO rankings. These criteria include,

  • Authoritativeness
  • Expertise
  • Trustworthiness

Today, you find out that some of these websites highly known for their authoritativeness and indelible expertise are lower in the SEO rankings. Therefore, we could say that there are other factors which play a major role in ascertaining the local SEO success of B2C corporations in 2019.

Some of which are,

  1. Relevant Google My Business Profile

The GMB profile is one of the most important factors for local SEO ranking, essential for B2C or B2B corporations. It contains information such as the location of the business, the nature of the goods and services provided by the business, and other necessary information. Note that the information provided is important to ensure a durable profile.  


Our London best SEO consultants are always available to guide you in generating your GMB profile.


Simply put, a decent GMD provides an outstanding opportunity for local businesses. Thereby creating total awareness of services provided.

2.Location Specific Pages

Putting your address and location-specific pages is another essential to improve local SEO rankings. This includes putting your address on your landing page and the footer of other pages, for single-location businesses.


Whereas, for multi-location businesses, it's advisable to have location-specific pages for every local page to improve rankings.

  1. Local Reviews

It is important to continually have local reviews to constantly help to improve your local SEO rankings. Further research clearly states that consumers are always encouraged by positive replies. So it is of great importance to always advise your consumers to put down positive reviews. These reviews must be continuously checked. Get in touch with our SEO agency UK for further directives on how to improve your local reviews.


Apart from these consumers, Google also finds this information useful to ascertain your local SEO ranking, notwithstanding their recent changes.

  1. Smart Use of Keywords

Making smart and intelligent use of your keywords in providing information concerning the overall nature of your business is also another important factor in the SEO rankings.

  1. Site Design, Speed Optimisation and Mobile access

Another important factor to improve your SEO ranking is how you design your site. People are more inclined to visit a user-friendly website. It is not just about causing traffic, but about enabling people to stay on your site much longer.


Speed Optimisation is another essential tool to promote site access to customers. Your customers should be able to access your site freely and without any trouble. Special features such as voice activation compatibility can be added as well to promote your rankings. Contact us today at DubSEO agency UK to provide you with the technical know-how on website design and speed optimisation.

  1. Citation Pages and Social Media Platforms

When it comes to improving your local SEO rankings, third party websites also called Citation pages, are advised. These pages contain adequate materials and content that can be directed back to you. So unlike your blogs and home site contents, these pages are essential.


It is also of great importance to join various social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, depending on the overall nature of your business.


Note that when posting articles or writing blogs or publishing other variable contents, it is very important that it makes useful meaning while making use of location-specific keywords, hashtags and other variable features.

  1. Blog Content

Another important factor in improving your local SEO is the nature of contents displayed on your blog. The contents of the blog have to be interesting, to attract your customers and should provide useful information on the goods and services rendered.


Useful information contained on the blog should also be able to provide a platform where the customers get to share their own opinion regarding the product. This also makes it interesting.


For example, if you're selling organic hair products. You can as well publish materials to lecture your customers on various things to do before using your hair products.


Your blog can as well carry other useful information such as a special giveaway, and special offers. All these make the blog more interesting and attract the attention of customers, thereby improving your SEO ranking.  For additional information on how to develop your blog, visit our London best SEO consultants.

  1. Don't Bare-Knuckle it

Majority of businesses and organisations without useful in-house SEO marketing resources are advised to meet other organisations who provide special in-house SEO marketing packages and trainings. These special organisations, an example is the DubSEO agency UK. They are known to provide cutting edge SEO marketing skills, which inevitably yield productive results.


So learning from the right company is an effective way of improving the business local SEO rankings.

In Conclusion

Just like with advancement in Technology, the world of SEO evolves as well. It entails a constant change in updates, trends and market influence. So it is necessary for every business to continually adapt to these changes while taking into consideration these SEO parameters listed above.


In connection to these factors discussed above, coupled with our services at DubSEO agency UK, your local SEO market for 2019 will provide an adequate level of profitability and sustainability for your online business. Reach out to DubSEO agency today to start your SEO marketing journey.