Three Reasons to Make Henry and Henry Redi Paks Your Secret Weapon

Three Reasons to Make Henry and Henry Redi Paks Your Secret Weapon

A lot of bakers take a great amount of pride in doing things the old fashioned way, from scratch, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Making things the way that those before you made them is a great way to ensure quality. It’s also a great way to ensure that no one encroaches on your techniques and that you stay adaptable. It also keeps you closer to your finished baked goods and you remain central to the process.

With that in mind, while you might not necessarily want to cede any ground on the matter, there definitely is something that can be said of the value of convenience. In addition, there are a few names in baking that, for many years - generations even - have been held in high regard. Understanding that, here are three reasons to consider making Henry and Henry Redi Paks your secret weapon.

  • Convenience

Henry & Henry has been providing bakers with a wealth of valuable materials for over a century at this point, and somewhere along the line, they struck gold with their Redi Pak fillings. Available in 2-pound bags, their Redi Paks redefine what it means to be convenient.


If you’re used to making your own fillings, then Henry & Henry solutions can save you time on that front, and moreover, it can save you on the matter of waste. Even if you buy your fillings in those 18 or 45-pound buckets, there are the issues of space and storage. With an H&H Redi Pak, you simply have to open the pack and squeeze out the filling you need. There’s no waste and effectively no cleanup, not to mention the fact that you wouldn’t have to mix it all yourself.

  • Variety

Variety is the spice of life, and that much holds true in the world of baking as it does anywhere. Whether you are a baker whose specialty is a chocolate cream pie or you prefer the summer tones of blueberry pie, you can find an H&H Redi Pak to fit the bill.


They produce Redi Paks that are filled with Bavarian Cream, Cherry filling, Blueberry filling, Apricot filling, and even specialties like Apple Turnover filling. In short, regardless of how specific your tastes are or your needs in filling, you can find something that will work for you in their catalog.

  • Quality

Then there is the quality that comes along with the fillings - and all of the products - from Henry & Henry. Their fillings are not only delicious and crowd-approved, but they are marvels to behold as well as to eat. They offer not only amazing color but retain their flavor and shine admirably. Presentation is as much as part of baking as tasting, and for those that really do eat with their eyes first, H&H makes some fine filling.


If it can’t be categorized into convenience, choice (variety), and quality, then it probably isn’t something you should overly concern yourself with. Therefore, if you’re convinced and want to give Henry and Henry Redi Paks a try, check out Stover & Company at


Stover & Company maintains a huge selection of inventory for baking and confectionery which includes a large variety in pastry fillings but goes far beyond them. If you’re looking for a venue that can get you a deal on the goods you need to complete your visions in the bakery, Stover & Company can help get you there.


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