Wedding Beauty - How to Get Glowing Bridal Skin

Wedding Beauty - How to Get Glowing Bridal Skin

If your D-day is around the corner and you feel like the bridal glow on the face is missing, then it is the best time to look into getting advanced facial treatments. These aim at offering you glowing and youthful skin, along with fixing several skin problems. These treatments help in removing clogged dead cells, preserving skin firmness and elasticity, preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this reviving the overall look of your face. 


The wedding date is set and you have lots of things to finish off your list before your big day. It is clearly understood how many balls you are probably juggling in planning your wedding. However, is one of the most sought-after items on your list, bridal skin care regime leading up to your wedding? 


If not, you need to include in your must-to-do list because you need to give a little more attention about how you care for your skin. With only a few weeks/days left to go until you are the center of attention; it’s the time to get started on a perfected wedding routine in order to have radiant and utterly gorgeous skin.


Although you have probably had your makeup artist booked for your big day, the stresses of wedding planning, bridal brunches, and last-minute work pressure can cause unwanted strain on your skin. Imagine those pesky spots ruining the day you’ve been waiting for.

Never, can’t compromise!

Bridal Skin Care Tips for Every Bride

Not that any girl needs an excuse to preen but one’s wedding day is the most awesome of all reasons to be pampered. Gone are the days of heavily made-up brides as today the focus on letting one’s natural beauty radiate through on the once-in-a-lifetime special day. Every bride needs bridal skincare tips that will help bring the inner radiance to the skin. The leading dermatologists at Clinic Dermatech say that one should go in for pre-wedding treatments that can boost the skin. They offer the best non-invasive treatments in skincare and hair care that brides should certainly opt for before the big day.

Get New Glow with Advanced Facial Treatments

A beauty salon and spa offers different facial packages. Now, the question arises do all facials are good for all skin types? Actually, no! Different skin has different needs. Therefore, primarily it is important to know your skin type and accordingly opt for facials.


Leading dermatologists and skincare experts first assess the skin and chart out a treatment course to cover the things that the skin lacks. It could be Vitamin C or hyaluronic acid to moisture-boosting treatments. Each advanced facial treatment is scientifically designed to give the best results and is conducted by expert trained staff in state-of-the-art procedure rooms.

Some of the best facial packages that help in giving an instant glow to the skin are: 

  • Anti-aging facial package 
  • Acne or Deep Cleaning facial package
  • Exfoliating facial package
  • Bio lift facial package 
  • Collagen facials for preventing wrinkles, dark circles, etc. 


Bright and Clear Laser Treatment

Bright and Clear Laser treatment is a laser resurfacing facial treatment that uses pulsating beams to exfoliate away skin layers for a smoother, clearer and bright complexion. Typically, after a week of recovery, clients receiving the treatment are supposed to see a reduction in fine lines, smaller pores, better skin texture, and even skin tone. It’s also not a one-time job. Experts recommend more than one treatment for the best results. For the bride-to-be, if you’re looking to treat yourself to a high-end skincare procedure with results, you’ll be pleased with the result of bright and clear laser treatment


Roboderma is one of the most innovative skin rejuvenation methods that broadly focuses on repairing, reviving and rejuvenating the facial skin. It is a unique 7-step skin treatment that exceptionally revives your skin. Most procedures are done through a machine, with minimal human intervention. This technology is present exclusively with Clinic Dermatech. Roboderma face therapy helps increase collagen production and firms up your skin. This is one of the best pre-bridal facial treatments worth trying. 

Wedding Skin Care Tips for Brides

Taking advanced facial treatment does not imply that a bride stops following the. Following the skincare tips helps in getting beautiful and youthful skin in the long run. Some of the effective wedding skin care tips are:

  • Hydrate the facial skin well by drinking plenty of water. Consume hydrating fruits and vegetables like watermelon, broccoli, grapefruit, etc.
  • Make homemade exfoliation pack as per your skin type to improve the overall texture of the skin
  • Consume power food items like beetroot, brown rice, turmeric, salmon, legumes, garlic, etc.
  • Enjoy 7-8 hours of sound sleep every night

Wedding Beauty Skin Care Treatments at Clinic Dermatech

Do not forget to share your opinion about the facial treatment you are planning to opt for before your wedding. For professional skin care services and advanced facials, you can visit Clinic Dermatech, an award-winning aesthetic clinic offering avant-garde clinical methods of skincare and facial treatments. Schedule an appointment today!