A Complete Collection of Western Wear for Women

A Complete Collection of Western Wear for Women

Western wear for women can be just as much for fashion as it is for show, but in the event that you need show wear, there are a few pieces that you will simply need to add to your collection. While you can go your own way with fashion, if you routinely compete in showmanship competitions, a large part of your score will be determined by the western wear you choose to make a part of your ensemble. Best of all, you can find all of the following essential western wear for women, and more, at Jackson’s English & Western Store.


Depending on the level of your showmanship competitions and what is expected of the competitors, you may have some leniency with what to wear. In some competitions, jeans may be acceptable, but in others, you might want to wear more formal show pants. You yourself are probably the best judge of this, but when you shop at Jackson’s English & Western Store, you’ll never have to cut any corners - they offer jeans from Ariat, Hobby Horse, Wrangler and more.

Blouses and Vests

The blouse or vest you choose as your top in a showmanship competition may make the largest impression on the audience, even if it relies heavily on the other accessories. Western shirts for women’s showmanship competitions are often brightly colored, studded or embroidered, and frequently feature wallpaper or border prints as an integral part of the appeal of their design. Here your personal sense of style can shine a little, but rest assured that when you shop at Jackson’s English & Western Store, you’ll be able to shop through a collection of blouses, vests and jackets from Hobby Horse, Royal Highness and more.


The western hat that you pair with your ensembles for showmanship is another high-visibility item that is going to impact the way people perceive your show. A western hat is also an accessory from which you can get a lot of utility outside of the rodeo. You can wear one at work in the fields just as confidently as you can wear it to spruce up your image in a competition. Jackson’s English & Western has one of the best collections of them, and you can sift through their catalog of Ariat, Stetson, Bullhide - and others - to find the perfect match for you.


Your boots, like your hat, will make a great impression on your presentation when you compete in a showmanship competition, and they are all but a requirement for women’s western show wear. Also like your hat, your boots can be your best friend both in and out of competition. If you get yourself a pair that are not only easy on the eyes but also of high quality, then you can just as easily wear them for work or riding when you are not competing. As with all of the other categories listed here, Jackson’s English & Western Store has many fine examples of cowboy boots from Ariat, Boulet, Double H, and many others. Plus, if you shop in their store in Wayland, Michigan, they offer free boot fitting, stretching, and even break in services so your boots will be smooth and comfortable the moment you leave the store.


All of these categories of western clothing are essential for women’s western show wear, but you will also need to pair a belt, buckle, and a pair of gloves with your ensemble, among other accessories. Perhaps you will want to bedazzle yourself with additional accessories, and the good news is that among this cowgirl clothing, you will find many other accessories at Jackson’s English & Western Store. Check out their website, JacksonsWestern.com, or call them at 269-792-2550 today to see if you can plan a visit.


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