Why is it better to consult a dietitian for weight loss

Why is it better to consult a dietitian for weight loss

In the present world, it is very common to see many weight loss packages and related fitness training centers. One can also find people asking questions online on how to reduce body weight. These are happening due to the presence of obese people in India. They are with obesity due to the hereditary factor and due to the present lifestyle. Moreover, the people working in IT & IT-es are living a sedentary lifestyle due to their work nature. They must know their food is one of the main factors making them fat or obese. Here, we have discussed various classes of people and their need for the best dietitian weight loss in India.

Hospitality Professionals and Beauty Care

The people working in the hospitality industry must be slim and fit due to their profession. However, food habits like eating fast food, junk foods and drinking soft beverages make them put weight. In the case of women, they may be obese due to after pregnancy nature. They wish to maintain their body mass index (BMI). However, they do not have time to hit a gym or go to a wellness center for losing bodyweight. Nevertheless, you can consult a dietitian and get the right weight loss diet plan. They will chart a diet plan after discussing your food habit, BMI, working nature, past medical history, and chronic diseases if any.


  • It is advisable to consume that food only as per your dietitian advice.

  • You must not overeat those diet plan foods for weight loss.

  • You must consume them in the right quantity and proportion until you see a difference in your BMI.

  • You must consume that food in a course to see the desired weight loss results.

  • You must not drink alcohol and other beverages while in dieting.

  • You must drink plenty of water while in a weight loss diet plan.

  • You must not skip your meals.


These are the best practices one must follow while in diet and weight loss program. In this way, one can reduce their weight naturally. You can see your weight has come down within a few months. You will be looking the same as you have joined the hospitality industry. This is because those professionals must look fit and good. This can be an air hostess, receptionist, front office staffs and others in hotels and clubs.

IT & IT-es Professionals and Beauty Care

The people working in information technology (IT) and information technology-enabled services (IT-es) are mostly into desk jobs. Moreover, they live a sedentary lifestyle due to rotational shifts. Few of them may be working in night shifts only. They are more prone to put weight in the end. All of them are beauty conscious when it comes to their profession. They may have no time to hit the office gym or a fitness center near their home. They eat outside food, which is not healthy. They also eat snacks and drink soft beverages, which is available inside the office canteen. All these food habits will make you obese. It is advisable to consult with the best dietitian in Punjab. They are the right food and nutrition expert for the IT and IT-es working people.


  • They prepare the best diet plan according to your working nature.

  • If you are a diabetic, they will chart the best in diabetes and weight-loss food.

  • They chart a proper nutritional diet plan for the people working on a regular night shift.


They are the best dietitian for people suffering from obesity. It is advisable to consult with them and follow the dieting. It will give you the best results within a few months. IT and IT-es working people are more beauty conscious. They can be fit with taking advice from a dietitian.

Weight Gain Due to Sedentary Lifestyle

The people living in bigger cities are suffering from obesity-related to living a sedentary lifestyle. They live with it, and they cannot avoid them all of a sudden. Yet, they gain weight by their wrong food habits only. Some of them gain weight rapidly and become obese. Later on, obesity will cause many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and bone joint pain. These are related to the below-mentioned reasons.


  • No proper sleep time

  • Eating more junk foods and not eating on time.

  • Drinking less water and more of carbonated beverages

  • Smoking and alcohol drinking habits

  • Consuming snacks and smoothies

  • Immobile nature and no physical activity


They may be working people or a student. The above-mentioned habits make them gain weight naturally. When they feel lazy and immobile due to overweight, they think of to join any weight loss program. However, you can control your weight by your diet alone. For this, you have to get professional health care help from a registered dietitian. They will analyze your lifestyle and prepare the best diet plan according to your age, nature of work and with the required level of nutrition for you. If your BMI is not normal, you have to discuss with the best Dietitian in India. They will help you to lose weight rapidly by a proper weight loss diet plan.


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