Why Should Ecommerce Stores Include Product Customization Into Their Business?

Why Should Ecommerce Stores Include Product Customization Into Their Business?

All people are looking for attention or want to be focused on.

Tell me–there's somebody you meet that won't stand out from the crowd?

If you are operating an online shop, get your customer's shoes, and imagine a personalized product you would prefer. You should certainly not buy something like someone next to you, right?

If it's me, I'd say that I'm going to be hell-of - a-jealous, seeing another commodity that I purchased.

And what a solution can be.

The personalization of products has become a warmly adopted strategy and a trend of the e-commerce sector worldwide to overcome this barrier.

Consider shopping at an e-commerce store where you can tailor it whatever you want. Yes, customizing any eCommerce product has been possible with the ImprintNext product designer tool.

Should you be in love with product personalization before we step on "WHY as a store owner? 

Let us start with a short insight on user branding and package design:

What Do You Mean by Product Personalization and How It Works?

Personalization/customization of an item is – when you are purchasing an item, for example, t-shirt online and if there is a customization option available, you will have the opportunity to – 

  • Include your content or designs or an organization logo 

  • Pick your self prepared designs or the item to match your character or brand impression. 

  • Pick size 

  • Design the items (because of accessible choices) 

  • Include group list (Name and Numbers). 

  • View the live value quote dependent on your choice and be within your financial limit. 

  • Review your structured item before making the order.

Reasons why eCommerce stores should have a product designer tool:-

  • Product personalizing is dominating the entire online market.

  • For startups. Product personalization is perfect.

  • Customers easily understand it.

  • Provide customer loyalty and quality services.

  • Reduce production costs by automating the handling of orders.

  • Stand out from the crowd.

  • Automated order processing will lower your production costs.

What Are the Benefits of Selling a Personalized Product?

You will significantly benefit from allowing your potential customers to personalize their goods before purchasing.

  • Consumers added value at a very small or no extra cost. The bought product goes from something purchased to something made, which becomes more critical to the consumer and can be immediately used in social media.

  • Customers shall pay the price on personalized merchandise (customers are prepared to pay a premium of 20 percent for custom items, according to Bain).

  • They extended reasonable turnaround periods for personalized goods (a Deloitte study found 48% of consumers are ready to wait for service longer).

  • With personalized goods, return rates tend to be lower, but consumers often demand a return policy of 30 days.

  • Distinguish your name and products from your rivals. Consider the implementation of a USP for sales increase.

  • You may spot patterns and purchase habits, which can be optimized to enhance goods and develop innovations by modifying the product. All this applies to the use of data to personalize the facilities.

  • Build value for consumers. If you get what you want, you're full.  A happy customer will most likely return and shop again, particularly if you value them.  

  • Therefore, a repeated business is less expensive to improve the productivity of your sector.

  • Customization offers the industry a digital dimension. 


  • Limited discount or free modification 

  • Lucky wheel free or discount customizing 

  • Free adaptation when the total sales amount is over an X value, 

  • Easy customization on exit intent detection.

  • The extra marketing resources in Q9 will also work to persuade and upsell your email marketing strategies.

How Product Personalization Benefits You?

Product customization benefits your eCommerce sales in the following ways:- 

01. The Dominance of Personalization Software:

Statistics indicate that in 2021, there will be an expansion of around 2.14 billion in online shoppers.  And it is projected that e-retail sales in 2022 will be $6.54 trillion.

An e-Commerce study has shown that 59% of online shoppers think that in these online shops, where personalization services are available, they can find more fascinating items.

Therefore, for once, as a business owner, just visualize keeping 0,001% of the conversations and track the business progress and sales in a few years. Now you know why in your company you ought to need product personalization.

02. Product Customization is the Best for Start-ups:

In many instances, companies and people in business lack the resources and available workers. In this situation, it is no less than the prerequisite to dream about a warehouse. This also refers to operators of e-commerce shops (not all, but many).

Do not say that you will give up and sign out! You will not!

In life and the industry, there is always a way out of every challenge.

You need an excellent online store setup and a profitable niche for your business if you want to print on demand or drop shipping to quickly solve this problem.

03. How Can the Configuration of the Product Be Helpful?

The successful integration of the right product personalizer by ImprintNext enables your customers to personalize themselves to pick a product, choose the color or the size or the quantity and use a logo or graphics. 

As an online store owner, you get a scanned PDF / SVG file to print it further.

After that, you need to send the file to your pre-contacted print on request demand, where the product will be produced and shipped directly to your customer.

You don't have a stock or printing service yourself, yet you're just sitting just behind your laptop for business.

04. Customers Find It Easier to Use:

An e-commerce shop can be modified to provide customization on any e-commerce website.

If you are not fully aware of the dynamics of your customers, your company is at risk. 

With the product customization tool, your customers can make detailed graphics of the concept styles, together with text, graphics, color, etc. in a short period.

You will learn through your reviews how the personalization choices can be enhanced. You always take care of the wishes and happiness of your clients by improving them.

For example, the happier the buyers are, the more likely they will come to your shop for the next order.

05. Best Customer Experience Gains You Loyalty:

The human mind is filled with deep thoughts and ideas. Therefore, especially when it comes to e-commerce, it is hard to know consumer preferences in the company.

Brand personalization allows you to customize your items to suit your tastes.

The personalized the interface, the happier it is.

Your customers sign off with satisfaction for their desired product. You have their loyalty to return to your shop and to remember the best customer experience.

06. Stand Out From the Crowd:

As per the current survey, there are about 15 to 26 million e-commerce firms worldwide.

That's awful news, isn't it?

You must come up with something other than what other people do not offer to stand out from the crowd and to steal your competitors ' shows.

Customizing/personalizing the company helps you offer different customizable solutions and endless templates for your product to your consumers.

 In this process, you provide the best experience for consumers with valid reasons to return from the supermarket and buy again.

07. Lower Production Costs:

Finally, with incredibly easy order processing, product personalization offers you fewer production costs.

Product configuration helps you to run your company without trouble by reducing the weight of product management or the cost of hiring designers at home (the client here is the designer). 

It prevents you from having consumer proof.

For instance, the ImprintNext  Product Design tool web-based product application enables you to visually create a designed product or outcome using all the features in addition to the text, graphics, or logo.

It allows you to download an SVG / PDF or high-resolution transparent PNG / JPG print-ready vector file right after your customer places an order. 

You should send the file directly to your distributor or manufacturing company now, and then the shipping company can deliver the package to your customer's door on schedule.

The entire order processing is carried out without physical involvement by a few clicks on your computer screen.

Final Words:

You realize now both the dynamics and the expectations of your clients and the massive e-commerce market.

As an e-commerce seller, imagine combining your style with your on-line shop to consumers create and buy their products from you without a second thought, to deal with the ultra-competitive industry.

Luxury and design go hand in hand. And you often need exclusive and personalized items to succeed and develop the brand on an increasingly competitive global market.

And hundreds of web-based product buyers are accessible on the online platform to render customization/personalization more convenient. 

So it's high time that you're in love with a product personalizer as soon as practicable if you're struggling to increase the conversion rate.