Brands that Are Doing Well on Instagram

Brands that Are Doing Well on Instagram

Instagram is definitely a media channel with it everything: the aesthetic attraction of Pinterest and the massive reach of traffic. Similar to the reach of Facebook and the cluster-like visibility of LinkedIn and the prowess of hashtags on Twitter and much more. An extremely effective social media platform Instagram companies have elevated its marketing as well as marketing process to a new level, making an impressive statement due to the various Instagram features. There's a lot to appreciate that Instagram offers as a fully-fledged social media platform. There are the stories, IGTV, as well as the brand new REELS, which feature as well as a range of filters, and more.

1. Sephora

. Sephora was the first of the beauty retailer's Instagram brands to sign an alliance with the brand's new Instagram Checkout feature. Sephora has also joined forces with Klara the company behind to ensuring the availability of various types of payment options.

2. Etsy

Etsy appears to have advanced its progress on Instagram tremendously. The online retailer brand continues to develop its search tool and recommend features. Remaining consistent in color and the type of content across the feed has made it easier for them to keep their followers active.

3. BuyFollowersMalaysia

An online entertainment brand Buzzfeed together with its knowledgeable bloggers and news brand has embraced the creation of these kinds of content pieces: relatable content with a hint of sarcasm to delight customers, and counter-programming (write-ups that help customers forget about reality). The comics they publish that are super-comfortable and relatable are a popular choice for the audience. The company has recently launched Shop BFM, which allows users to buy Instagram followers in Malaysia.

4. Halo Top Creamery

Everyone loves ice cream which is why Halo Top Creamery is aware of this. Their bio reads "There's no problem with placing yourself first. There's no problem with the idea of ice cream for a second. #StopShouldingYourself". They have managed to preserve the look and feel of a top food company to keep their followers hooked on their tasty photos, vibrant colors, and the ‘mood of food' vibe.

5. Lululemon

Lululemon used the grassroots community marketing strategy that it has used throughout its history. The brand is home to around 2000 ambassadors across the globe who wear Lulu gear when they teach classes. The brand has released Community Carries On, which offers free workouts and practice. It also has identical content for IGTV as well as YouTube.   "With Kicksta, we're able to observe the effect they make in our Instagram account, based on the amount of engagement they create and the majority of which we'd be unable to accomplish by ourselves.".

6. Shopify

Shopify, the eCommerce label, Shopify, has expanded its service to medium and small companies. Their Instagram is worth a look since they've shared content that is meaningful for their users around topics such as "Best of 2020'. In the wake of the pandemic that has afflicted the hardest on these businesses The brand has also launched an application "Shopify Shop". It helps merchants attract customers by allowing them to browse the catalog of products directly. Customers do not need to download separate apps for different purchases.

7. Brit + Co

In the past couple of years, Britandco is gained a lot of attention as a digital company catering to women's needs. It provides DIY content as well as education classes. Their Instagram feed is funny colorful, vibrant, and a pleasure to interact with. Recently, the brand collaborated in partnership with Office Depot for launching Selfmade. Selfmade is an online start-up school with a time frame of 10 weeks specifically for women.

8. Ikea

DIY is always a popular subject of fascination for Instagram users. And that's the place where DIY furniture comes in. The furniture retailer has introduced"Click and Collect" to help customers shop with confidence "Click and Collect" program to allow customers to experience secure and hassle-free shopping. In addition, Ikea has added virtual consultations to furniture and furnishings.

9. Wendy's

We've all heard that Wendy's social media game is quite savage. With more than 1 million fans, the fast food company is looking to build drive-throughs. They're currently developing prototypes to redesign places to incorporate the new system easily. Wendy's Instagram is funny, but also relevant and relatable, as they continue to present their products in a variety of ways. user-generated content is also their primary strategy, along with fun and creative food designs on their feed.

10. Matt Adlard

Matt Adlard, a self-taught cook along with an Instagram-based influencer who currently has more than 681k followers. His profile exploded in popularity during the lockdown at the beginning of 2020 after people saw his stunningly baked recipes that are a dream to cook. With the vast amount of time at hand, the majority of people have chosen to take a look at the remarkable story of Mathew Adlard, formerly named Topless Baker, while he makes desserts. l.

11. Alo Yoga

With a strong presence in the yoga apparel business, Alo yoga has employed a variety of methods to keep its customers interested. The brand is constantly posting various kinds of workout videos that help customers exercise while pursuing their regular routine. Alo Yoga has also ventured into the world of skincare with its latest line.

12. National Geographic Travel

The travel section on Instagram has a large following. With its highly visual photos, interesting content, and stunning video content, National Geographic Travel has discovered ways to be bigger than life ways to keep their viewers engaged and to be competitive with other Instagram brands.

Their Instagram Stories are a celebration of conservation efforts. One of their best examples is the Swipe Up CTA which lands users on an environmental pledge that they can then send to their circle of friends.