Unusual Cake Flavours

Unusual Cake Flavours

Cakes have their origin in Europe. Cakes were originally eaten in the form of sweet bread. And with their culture coming in popularity we have managed to create a lot of variations in flavors, icing and you name it there is a cake for that thing. 


With cakes becoming so popular there comes a point of time in our life but we are bored of eating regular cakes. How far will you keep on serving regular black forest, chocolate and pound cake to your guests in a party there has to be something new after a point of time. And when there is need for something new something unusual and that is when the below-mentioned flavors of cake will come in your use- 

1) Sweet And Salty Chocolate Cake 

We all have tasted the dark chocolate and sweet chocolate cakes. But now it's time for a new variation and that there's sweet and salty chocolate cake. Online cake delivery in Bangalore is easily available. But you can also bake it at home. apart from the regular ingredients that we added chocolate cake, you will need some sour cream, caramel, and salt, dark brown sugar, etc. It's an easy recipe available online. 

2) Beetroot and Carrot Cake 

Beetroot and carrot make the perfect juice if you are willing to increase your hemoglobin. But have you ever thought of incorporating these two ingredients in a cake? Yes with many variations coming in the baking field now it's possible for you to get a healthy cake, made with oats flour. However, if you have a sweet tooth the best thing for you to do is an order of simple beetroot and carrot cake online. Add some fresh flowers with it to decorate the table or wherever you sit down to eat it. 

3) Milk Chocolate Cake 

Chocolate cake is available in any online store that can be made at home using several ingredients such as margarine, milk chocolate, cocoa powder, butter, vanilla essence. Milk Chocolate is one of the most unusual flavors even if you want to buy this cake online half to get it ordered pre-baked in advance. Once the cake is made it tastes like a moist mixture of milk, hot chocolate, and milk chocolate. An online cake and flower delivery in gurgaon are very easily available. 

4) Elderflower Loaf Cake 

The main ingredients of this cake include golden caster sugar,  roasted grounded almonds, but the main flavor comes out of the elderflower cordial mixed with white or golden caster sugar, lots of it and some white chocolate and cocoa sauce to drizzle over the top. Elderflower Loaf Cakes are amazing for a tea party or just to enjoy as a dessert. ElderFlower cakes in Bangalore are very easily available, just search them online or contact a bakery near you. 

5) Summer Cakes 

The state is also known as Pimm's cake and it is not a very famous taste yet one of a kind. This cake uses two kinds of icing lemon and strawberry. However, it's totally up to you because both these icing are hard to be made during summers. But it's a cucumber that is added and that gives this cake a cooling element. Pims is actually a kind of liquor so if you are nonalcoholic then this cake is not for you, and there is no substitute for it. Cake in Bangalore can be very easily bought by ordering it in a bakery. 

6) Strawberry And Elderflower Ganache Cake 

Have you ever thought of a cake that was beyond perfection and it's one bite made you feel like you are actually in heaven? Strawberry and elderflower cake is one of those exquisite cakes that would not only be the shine of your party will also show your lavish taste in food and the equally appeal to the palate as well. The ideal state consists of elderflower cordial, double cream, some raspberries, or pink food color with strawberry coulis. Online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore are very easily available but you can be bold enough to bake this too.