10 Unique Education App Ideas for Startups to Consider in 2021

10 Unique Education App Ideas for Startups to Consider in 2021

Nowadays, education is not restricted by any geographical boundaries. Technological innovations have revolutionized the way people study and research. It requires a mobile phone with an internet connection to get enrolled in several courses provided by universities across the globe and research and study new areas. The latter is possible since many top universities are utilizing virtual classroom solutions to make education more immersive.

Digital learning is the next big trend in the education industry. So, if you are looking out to develop the best education app for your startup, this article is solely for you. Here, I have listed ten unique education app development ideas for startups that you can think of developing to earn a fortune.

Unique Educational App Ideas for Startups to Make Learning More Immersive

  1. Language Learning App

    A language learning app can certainly help students to get dexter in several languages. Moreover, it can assist these students who are aspiring to study overseas. Students can study completely new languages to them without even stepping out of their houses. Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Open English, Busuu, Mango Languages, Memrise are among the top language learning apps.

  2. Private Tutor App

    In this digital era, students are more willing to access online services for their educational needs. A private tutor application helps students communicate with experts through the virtual platform.

    Furthermore, students can get notes from the expert through these personal tutor apps, if required. Wyzant App is the best example of a personal tutor app. This app makes it easy for students and parents to directly connect with skillful teachers in-person and take online digital lessons.

  3. An App for Handicapped Children

    Any EdTech company, college, university, or school can consider this third idea – an education app for disabled students. This type of educational app helps physically disabled children learn from their houses comfortably.

    You can particularly develop an education app for handicapped kids who are not able to attend daily lectures and classes. Handicapped students can utilize this app for connecting with educators in real-time and attending live lectures, providing them a platform for regular learning. Montessori Numbers, Avaz App, Seeing AI, Proloquo2go, Time Timer are among the top apps for handicapped children.

  4. Flashcard Apps

    Flashcard applications like StudyBlue, are also one of the unique educational app ideas for students. This type of educational app is additional study support that helps students note down all important points of a particular subject.

    Flashcard apps automatically do backups and sync to all your devices via the cloud. Furthermore, students can make customized flashcards or access the in-built library to search for flashcards shared by other students. Students can track their development, play quizzes, and more via this type of educational app. Quizlet, Cram, AnkiApp, Brainscape are among the top flashcard apps.

  5. Question and Answer App

    Searching for relevant answers to every chapter can sometimes be tough for students. Therefore, a Question and Answer App can be developed via taking the textbook’s reference. Through these apps, students can search the answers quickly and easily.

    Furthermore, you can add one more module to this application that comprises some additional questions with answers for helping students prepare themselves better. Moreover, a test series can be made for students, which can help them in their self-assessment. Photomath, Socratic, Trivia Royale, are the top three question and answer apps.

  6. Educational Games and Quizzes App

    Developing an education app with several quizzes and games is another interesting and innovative app idea. These applications allow students of all age groups to play games and quizzes related to education. This kind of app can attract an ample amount of users by making learning fun and addictive.

    Games, puzzles, and quizzes can relate to mathematics, grammar, and general knowledge questions. This can help students in learning and examining at a single platform without distracting their mind. Besides, all aged groups can find games and quizzes according to their choices, like difficulty, age-wise. Kahoot, Quizizz, Mindoo, Quizalize are among the best educational games and quizzes apps.

  7. Dictionary App

    A dictionary app is useful for both students and teachers as it helps people of every age group; some professionals also use this kind of app a lot. In the past, people had to carry a dictionary of around 2500 to 3000 pages or a pocket dictionary. Undoubtedly, we can say it is extremely time-consuming to seek the meaning of a single word from a dictionary book.

    However, in this digital era, everybody is using mobile phones with internet connections. As a result, people are more interested in using dictionary apps instead of traditional methods of carrying heavy dictionaries. So, launching a dictionary app is best to make everything simple and to get success. After all, an app uses less time for searching words and their meanings. Advanced English Dictionary, Dict.cc, Dict Box Offline Dictionary, Dictionary by The Free Dictionary are among the best dictionary apps.

  8. Exam Preparation App

    The app can offer an important course and lessons that students must revise or read for their examinations. Exam app is one of the best educational app ideas. You must develop a mobile app that dedicatedly helps students in their studies.

    Also, the exam app can allow students to make a to-do list of tests. So that they don’t forget the essential thing when attending exam sessions. Moreover, exam apps should also have a feature of video chat or audio chat as this will connect both learners and teachers. My Study Life, Exam Countdown, Pocket are among the top exam preparation apps.

  9. Student Community App

    As depicted by the name, student community apps are exclusively designed to act as a platform where students can communicate in an open environment. A student community app helps students in connecting with several schools, colleges, and universities.

    Not every student finds it comfortable to communicate with people of the same age group. This app helps students connect and chat with other candidates easily and ask them anything related to their studies. LinkedIn is the prime example of a student community app.

  10. Students’ Progress Tracking App

    Students’ progress tracking mobile application idea is particularly for schools, colleges, and universities to stay in tune with students’ progress. This app also helps parents to track their kids’ attendance, performance, and behaviour.

    These apps bring transparency between parents and teachers as guardians can use it to stay in touch with the teachers to discuss their kids’ performance. Moreover, they can pay fees online and get essential updates about examinations and the timings of lectures. GoFormative, MasteryConnect, Plickers are among the best students progress tracking apps.


Educational apps boost students' learning experience and improve engagement and interactivity between parents and students. Moreover, they help win over several learning challenges that a few children often face.

So, these are the ten best types of unique education apps that startups should consider in 2021. If you plan to launch your own education app, you can learn how these above-mentioned educational apps have been developed. Also, if you think you need support in validating your idea or making an app better than the above ones, you can reach out to the best Education app development experts and get your app development done from them.