15 Best Free Android Apps You Must Try in 2019

15 Best Free Android Apps You Must Try in 2019


Android phones have beaten even the nearest competitor by miles in the smartphone world because of its compatibility with most of the mobile apps available. It has literally brought the world into one’s doorsteps by allowing easy downloading and accessing the banking, news, entertainment, online buying and selling, and taxi booking Android apps.


For accessing the internet, we are no more requiring the computer or even the laptop. Today, we almost all of us have the smartphones through which it is easy to get connected with the online world. Like in a computer, we need an Operating System (OS) to run the computer and the internet, similarly, the smartphones are also running on an OS. It may vary from one phone to another, but the phones that are most popular today run on Android.


Developed by people from the Google, the mobile devices with Android Apps have gained popularity due to the user-friendliness of the OS that run them. Such is the convenience that most of the apps available on Google PlayStore or over the internet can be downloaded within minutes. Not only this, these apps are kept on upgrading on their own whenever there is an improved version. Among the best Android Apps that are doing the rounds over the recent times are the ones providing news, entertainment, online banking, music and videos, and many others.

Let’s discuss here the most popular Android apps in 2018:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

This free messaging app has become one of the India’s most in-demand and widely accepted option available for Android and other smartphones. It’s easy to get connected with your friends and family by sharing text messages, images and videos through this Android App, which requires Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi) as per your need to let you enjoy all its advanced features.

  1. YouTube

Today’s people have a huge craze for YouTube to watch videos on their favorite topics. This allows the users to see what the world actually wants to watch. Installing this world’s highly recognized app makes sure that you will have everything at your fingertips right from checking out the latest music videos to knowing what’s is trending these days in different segments, including entertainment, news, gaming and more.

  1. Facebook

With the improved version, Facebook continues to win the attention of not only the people of India, but those residing in various other locations across the world. With this easy-to-operate Android app, users can share their updates and photos with their close friends and families. It also helps them to engage with their friends and most liked Pages. Even users also use it to get connected with their favorite communities.

  1. Instagram

Another popular Android App is Instagram, which allows the users to capture and share the beautiful world’s moments in their own way. It’s very convenient for the individuals to follow their friends and family to check what they are actually doing.

  1. TikTok 

Today’s generation seems to be crazy about this exclusively-designed video sharing and community. They can make their short-form mobile video through it and allow their followers to show their unique acting and dance moves.

  1. LIKE

This Magic Video Maker & Community Android app has already surprised the youths with its easy operation and outstanding features. The app is enclosed with more than 300+ unique special effects, which has made it popular not only among the young generation, but individuals from the 50+ also love to play with it in their own way.

  1. Google Maps

Known as one of the best Android apps, Google Maps come with excellent navigation apps scene through which users can easily access to the places of their interest. The app is also helpful when it comes to providing users with the complete traffic date and the most useful directions to most important places like gas stations or rest stops.

  1. HotStar

We are all aware of the Star Network of televisions broadcasting over Asia. Looking at the trend among the youth to watch movies, games and even TV serials over the internet, the Star family has launched their first mobile app, the HotStar. Here, one can watch the favourite movie, serial or sports program anytime during the day or the week, at her/his own convenience rather than fitting into the network’s own time! Soon, it will offer programs in various languages too.

  1. Twitter

While there are many social networking sites that are popular, one needs the Twitter perhaps more! It is here only that one can talk directly to a celeb of her/his own choice rather than following a fake account of the personality. Thus, Twitter app on mobile is one of the most often downloaded Android Apps for smartphone.

  1. Wynk

It is the numerouno app for listening to the latest music releases worldwide! One can check it out for the last release of music by a celebrity singer or a movie, and can even download the same. While downloading may take some time, playing the music directly from Wynk is close to real time and captures very little of internet data!

  1. OLX

Among the apps that are from the online buying and selling sites, OLX is always on the top. It is easy to download the same; even easier to upload a photo of something you want to sell on it. The response is the quickest among all top such websites.

  1. Flipkart

It is another of the online buying and selling sites, very close to OLX in demand. If one wants to keep in touch with the latest of the launches in fashion, or what dress or jewellery the celebs are wearing or trending, one must keep checking the Flipkart app everyday and get updates.

  1. Clean Master

It is an amazing app that helps in keeping your smartphone in the best of conditions. It automatically checks and detects rubbish items like malwares, spywares, etc. and keeps cleaning up the hard disc as well as the SD cards from time to time.

  1. Taxi For Sure

This app can help you get a cab at the earliest when stranded in a station or an airport. It is fast to take a booking and keeps you updated about the taxi booked for you so that you are sure about the waiting time in an airport and can utilize the time on stores or in reading.

  1. Pay TM

It is one of the most amazing Android Applications that helps in online mobile recharge without having to go to the shop. It also helps recharge of TV sets and paying online for movie tickets and other items, along with getting reward points which can fetch you discounts in the long run.