2019's Best Apps To Keep An Eye On Kids Online & Offline Activities

2019's Best Apps To Keep An Eye On Kids Online & Offline Activities

With today's children, parents are getting clever too. Mobile phones have become a source of entertainment; parents hand over mobile phones to engage children. Some children even take the mobile at an early age. Nowadays, children have easy access to everything through the internet and they do secret things by hiding from their parents which result is sometimes dangerous.

To keep an eye on every child's secret movements, Spy Apps are helping parents very successfully nowadays by providing them with parental control feature. Spy applications allow the parents to check every activity of their kids in stealth from, any time from anywhere.

Major reasons to monitor child activities

These are some of the major reasons when parents feel the need to spy on their kids secretly to monitor their offline and online activities.

  1. Online predators specifically target kids
  2. To protect the child from cyberbullying
  3. Harassment cases are mostly scenes in kids, parents need to monitor them to protect them.
  4. Overuse of Social media depressed the kid.
  5. Protect them from seeing inappropriate content.
  6. Prevent them from being accepting viral challenges, they are dangerous.

Best Spying apps to Monitor kids offline and online activities

Out of many spying apps, there are some of the popular apps because of their reliability and smoothly working system.

  1. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy android spy software has a specific app for parents to get parental control over their kid activities. It helps the parents in real-time to monitor kids all online and offline activities to know what kids are doing? to whom they are talking? Where they are going? Etc.

What does TheOneSpy app offer?

It offers 250 plus advanced features, to comfort the parent and satisfy their kids.

  • User can get live call activity, recording and even history.
  • User can see chat/ Messages live activity and history at any time.
  • Live 360 camera view live activity done by the targeted device user.
  • Live 360 surrounding recorder record surrounding voices/ conversation with accuracy.
  • It gives all the information with activity duration and true timestamps.


It is compatible with all devices, whether it is Android, iPhone, iOS, MAC or Windows PC.

  1. mSpy

mSpy is also popular among parents because of its parents’ friendly features. With an affordable price, it serves its customers with advanced features packages and plans. Their experts are serving their customer from the installation process to till they use their app.

What do mSpy offers?

mSpy offers its customer all basic services virus free with packages.

  • User can get access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter and other social apps.
  • It no jailbreak feature allows parents access to kids iPhones, Apple or Android IDs and passwords.
  • It provides the real-time GPS location of kids to their parental.
  • User can check phone activities like calls, SMS, calendars, alarms, contact numbers and multimedia also.
  • Also, it provides a detailed history of required activities and data analysis on demand.


mSpy is compatible with all devices like iOS, iPhone, Android and PC/Laptop.

  1. Spyic

Spyic is the best monitoring app, millions of people are getting benefit from it. It does not require any jailbreak or root to get access to the targeted device. Spyic trustability is mainly based on its customer support service.

What does Spyic offer?

  • If gives keystroke feature to track all the keystrokes like passwords, typed messages and usernames.
  • User can get access to all social applications like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram etc.
  • It allows the user to listen, record or view live calls and chat.
  • GPS location tracker keeps the user updated about the live location of the targeted device
  • It also provides a history of all activities or selected activities on-demand.


Spyic is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Eventually, it is concluded that parents are getting more conscious about their kid’s activities, as the cyber and other cases ratio is increasing. Cell phone spy app help the parents by providing them full parental control over kids’ routine or secret activities. So, if you are a parent, you need not worry anymore because of these helpful apps with advanced functions.