5 Amazing Things You Can Do Using Your Beep Card

5 Amazing Things You Can Do Using Your Beep Card

One secret plastic card with some unknown benefits with fill your life with a lot of surprises.

The main motive of using a beep card is to get low latency in buying train tickets. It will ease your transportation journey and enable you to switch the train using a single ticket.

Now it is very easy to have a sublime train journey all over the world using Beep Card Philippines. Here, you may realize five benefits you are going to get by having this beep card.


1. Tollgate fee payment at NLEX and Cavitex: Those days are gone when commuters only preferred beep cards. Now even private car drivers extensively use these contactless cards. All types of cards get acceptance from NLEX and Cavitex for the last five years and so. It will lower the time lost in spending in front of toll gates.


2. Ride your journey in a single tap: You can now enjoy bus trips using these cards instead of waiting for bus tickets in a queue. The selected buses include Airport Buses, HM Transport, Froehlich, BGC, etc. where all standards cards are applicable.

After getting on the bus, you must swipe the card in the beep card validator. Do not make a mess by double tap as it may overcharge you.

There is no more tapping required at all if you are going via BGC or P2P buses. For multi-fare or Citylink buses, you must tap out to ensure correct fare deduction. To identify the type of buses, you must remember the beep card sticker attached to those buses.

3. Watch a movie on the weekend: If you feel stressed about your weekday's work, stress it out by watching a movie in nearby cinemas. In the Philippines, there are some malls like Manila, Metro East, Magnolia are available to entertain you as per your expectation.

Nowadays, Beep Card Supplier in the Philippines allows you to watch out movies and pay bills using your beep card. Hence, with the same card, you can visit cities and watch movies as well.


4. Get Discount on fares: Get some reasonable fare in ‘Light Rail Transit in the Philippines using the multipurpose beep card.

The amount of discount depends upon the number of journeys you are applying for per week or month. For more rides, you can save a significant amount. And that is the beauty of beep cards.

This discount only applies to LRT journeys.


5. Purchase Items from Circle K and FamilyMart: Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can even purchase household items and foods at discounted offers using your beep card.


You do not even bother about cash or change notes as you are the right way to scan the card on the scanner. You will have an available balance amount that you can use or utilise in shopping.

Now, you may think about what things you can buy with this Beep Card Philippines. Well, I would say what not! Because you can purchase rice meals, snacks, desserts, and anything else left to be bought for your household usage. One thing you must bother is whether the card has sufficient balance or not.

Some people are very protective in showing off their wallets or credit card. In that case, beep cards serve the ideal usage. It will boost your privacy that none will ever recognize. Also, it will give some suitability to carry money without caring of thieves and other people.

Now the question may arise whether the branch accepts payment through beep cards. The answer you will easily get by finding the sticker. You may also realize the card scanner in the cashier section.

Handicapped people and senior citizens use beep cards to have a discount of up to 20%. Discount also applies to the students. But in MRT or LRT traffic it is not applied yet.

The application seeks your ID for verification, and it will take nearly one week to get your beep card ready. More information will be given in the nearest beep card branches.

For more information visit: http://www.megakarte.com/products/cards/beep-card/