5 major features of rigid boxes packaging for brand promotion

5 major features of rigid boxes packaging for brand promotion

Rigid boxes are the strongest and protective packaging type that could preserve the items from all types of harm, including compression, falling, or influential environmental conditions. Strong sheets of cardboard materials or paper stock are used to manufacture them that are not hollow from the inside. Their rigid plane surface is very effective in displaying any type of promotional content. Offset and digital printing technologies enhance the appeal of this promotional content. It becomes possible with the use of CMYK and PMS color schemes. Several types of attractive finishes like gloss, matte, spot UV, and matte UV can also be applied to them as lamination and coating. These finishes make the printed surface shiny and smooth.


Businesses often have to ship the delicate and expensive items to the retail stores and far situated regions through transportation. Therefore, they need premium quality packaging to ship their items securely. Rigid boxes come handily to meet this need. They are made of sturdy compressed cardboard sheets to provide premium product protection. Brands can get them in custom sizes, dimensions, and colors. Customization techniques like custom window cut-out, gold/silver foiling, raised inks, embossing, gluing, and scoring are very effective to enhance the visual looks of the products. Embellishing them with decorative add-ons gives them a look of gift packaging, which can attract customers more vigilantly. 


Reaching a wide range of undiscovered audiences can lead to earning massive business profits. It is more essential for startups that are looking to get acknowledged for an increased customer base. Custom rigid boxes are the most effective method for brand promotion, and businesses can avail this opportunity by spending very little on these boxes. Here are some of their major features that can help in brand promotion.

Cost-effective promotion

Competition has been increased a lot in the retail stores because of the presence of various brands in the market. Promoting the brand is the sole solution to get maximum engagement to your products from buyers. However, different types of marketing tools like online advertisements, television commercials, or physical billboards are more costly. There is also a possibility that people will change their mood later. However, opting for brand promotion through this rigid packaging acts as the targeted marketing tool and provides better promotional results by spending less amount. Cardboard is a cheap material and does not cost higher at all because it is made from locally available sources. Promoting brands through these boxes also does not cost any type of monthly or weakly charges, and brands have to spend the money only once.  

Brand recognition

Whenever a business is started, it requires the attention of customers. Businesses need to attract a wide audience that is interested in products they are selling but are unaware of the presence. It becomes essential to increase brand awareness for getting acknowledged by the buyers. Displaying the logo is the best and creative technique by which these boxes can help for brand recognition. The logo is prominently displayed over their front wall using embossing techniques. It will attract customers as they tend more to the products that contain such information about their manufactures. The smooth surface of these boxes is ideal for engraving, embossing, and debossing techniques to display such information creatively. These techniques help buyers to memorize the brands for future purchases. It also acts as the word of mouth marketing.

Sustainable nature

Various factors are liable for the brand promotion, and some of those are non-tangible. Sustainability comes at the top among all such factors, and it is also a hot trend to follow nowadays. People love to go with green brands, and this packaging is completely environment-friendly. In the past, people have suffered a lot because of the plastic packaging used by various brands. All such brands have been liable for the increased land and marine pollution. People have changed their preferences, and now they prefer to make a purchase from a brand that is opting for such green resources. The raw material for these boxes is achieved from organic sources that makes them biodegradable. Being the promoter of sustainable practices in business, your brand will get massive popularity.

Custom printing options

Another feature of these boxes that makes them perfect for brand promotion is the custom printing options. Innovative printing techniques have the ability to change the perception of customers about a brand. Their plane surface is very effective in printing any type of desired content with better visibility. Moreover, they are bleed-proof and absorb only a minimum of inks. It naturally increases the visibility of displayed information about the brand. You can use textual o visual content to express the values and traditions of the brand. They can also get a competitive advantage by displaying all the positive aspects that no other service provider has. It will help you get maximum engagements. Displaying the brand slogan can also motivate the buyers for the maximum purchases. 

Professional brand image

Building a professional brand image also requires a lot of effort, but this rigid packaging makes it much easier. Some vital factors responsible for showing a professional attitude of the businesses are safe delivery of items, product presentation, and a life remembering shopping experience. This packaging meets all of these criteria and even provides some additional benefits. The sturdy and durable material by which they are manufactured keeps the items safe from all influencing factors that can mutilate the quality of different feeble and flimsy products. Providing products in a perfect condition and caring about all other such aspects create a positive perception about the brands. Buyers think about them as a quality product provider that cares about the emotions of their customers.  


These were some main features that make the rigid boxes a perfect option for brand promotion. All these traits make them superior to all other luxury packaging options. Promoting the brand name through them also saves a lot of budgets. Businesses can use that saved budget on the other aspects that are essential for the growth of businesses.