5 Useful Tips for Making a Long-Distance Relationship last and work

5 Useful Tips for Making a Long-Distance Relationship last and work

The common notion is that with FaceTime and video calls in the picture, it would be easier to handle and make a long-distance relationship work than ever before. But ask someone who happens to be in a long-distance relationship- Has technology make up for everything? 

The harsh truth is that physical proximity still seems to haunt long-distance relationships and makes them emotionally challenging as ever.

Below are some specific considerations which will improve your chances of a healthy and lasting love in a long-distance relationship. 

  • Ensure that your goals match 

If one partner views long-distance relationship as a simple necessity which needs to be sustained for the long term, while the other sees it as a big hurdle in the way for a big commitment like marriage, there is bound to be friction. 

Therefore, you both need to converse continually about the future of your separation.

  • Set your schedules well 

Even the best-intentioned couples will fall apart due to the difference in work hours, sleeping schedule, time zones, and working hours. Thus, it would help if you chose the time- at which you are in your rhythm and at your best- to communicate with each other. 

  • Do not rely on technology much.

While many couples will thank the magic of FaceTime, Skype, Video Calls, and texts for sustaining a healthy long-distance relationship, never forget the wonders of having something physical which reminds you of your long-distance partner. 

For instance, you can keep a piece of clothing that reminds you of your partner's smell, or maybe display a gift from them in your room to continually feel their presence.  

Also, do not underestimate the happiness of receiving something unique and tangible from your loved ones.

  • Focus on high-quality communication 

You and your partner need to make sure that your conversations exceed not only quantity but also quality as compared to those couples who are nearby. 


Ensure that the most critical and intimacy building conversations occupy the top place in your talking list.  

  • Never put your life on hold.

Many times in long-distance relationships, people do not bond in their locale due to various reasons such as insecurity or thought that it wasn't worth it. But what will be the consequences if an unfortunate and untimely breakup is on its way? 


So, ensure that you are enjoying and making the most of your life in your locale and town. Do not isolate yourself, live each moment and day to its fullest, indulge in healthy friendships with people around (doesn’t matter if your partner is present or absent). This will also move the clock tick faster. 

One of my favorite lines about relationships that suit this context is- 'Never love someone more than yourself because, in the process, you will eventually and unknowingly lose yourself.'


Some additional takeaway tips for you to make your long-distance relationship everlasting are-

  • Make your bond stronger by connecting the 'boring' details.

  • Do not over-plan your time in person.

  • Reframe every situation to see positives and believe in it 

  • Understand that there is a significant difference between 'Checking in' and 'Checking upon.'

  • Build trust- The most important and essential factor in any relationship in this entire world. Insecurities will gradually pop in, but you need to believe in your love, partner, and yourself.


You need to get out there and try and experience new things that will gradually make your long-distance relationship more balanced and eventually work out. And count on me when I say that- Every couple (whether physically separated or not) needs that! 

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