Bitcoin Price Will Touch $100,000 and Sweep Other Concurrency by 2021: Heisenberg

Bitcoin Price Will Touch $100,000 and Sweep Other Concurrency by 2021: Heisenberg

Cryptocurrency traders generally keep their eyes on the latest blockchain news spreading in the market. One of the leading crypto’s venture capital companies has given a big statement that brings a huge smile on the face of digital currency buyers and sellers. According to Heisenberg Capital, $100,000 Bitcoin Price will sweep every other cryptocurency away by 2021. They say that problems are going to be increased for altcoins.


The company gave such a statement through a tweet on the leading social networking website – Twitter. In the same tweet, the company also gave the reaffirmation on the statement of $100,000 price target on bitcoin.

No Other Digital Asset Except BTC Will Exist In The Market

The fund, which has a history of financing several major digital coin startups including ShapeShift, Bitfinex and Kraken, clearly states that they have very less hope with altcoins in the future. Not only this, they also reaffirmed that the market will soon reject this year’s best performer alt-coin BNB along with other digital coins like XRP and Ethereum.  


Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert, also known as the founders of Heisenberg, strongly support their maximum, which does have a long-held philosophy, according to them. The statement given by the leaders of digital coins will definitely prove to be a major factor to promote other traders for their next investment decisions.

Bitcoin Price Will Touch The Figure Of $100,000

Heisenberg also showed the positive attitude towards the double down on its highly optimistic bitcoin price target of $100k.


A supply shock will be responsible for bullish surge to $100k as per the statement of Keiser. There are higher possibilities of triggering a gold rush through the Bitcoin’s capped supply of 21 million as supply shrinks. The testing of this theory will take place in May 2020 when experts of the crypto currency market will share the bitcoin output equally. Experts say that the last four year “halving” has played a crucial role in promoting the prices of bitcoin, which surely begins a year in advance.


If we believe in Keiser’s prediction, we can expect a 1,664 % gain from today’s bitcoin price. He also seems to be very positive for his shorter-term prediction of $28,000.

Not Everyone Agrees With the Dominance of Bitcoin

Some people are found opposing Heisenberg’s tweet and giving their own logics in the support of their views. Alt coins have a record of trooping the 2017 rally while bitcoin was not seen even in the top-ten performers.


Other rejectors considered bitcoin as a market for the leading tech companies. These people are not satisfied with his statement.

A Clear Overview about Heisenberg’s Investments

The fund has already given their prediction that no other digital coin except bitcoin will exist in the market in the coming years. This encourages people think thousands of times before investing in other crypto currencies. Even some of the firm’s investments are found to be in danger with his statement. ShapeShift is one of its major investments. This is a beautifully-designed platform designed to exchange between altcoins and bitcoin.  


According to the recent report, the firm has also made the investment in optional blockchain projects, including, Startcoin and Storj.


It shows that Heisenberg will avoid making any other altcoin investments in the times to come and concentrate primarily on bitcoin going forward.

Other Experts’ Opinion About Bitcoin

As per the reports given by other Bitcoin experts, it’s not easy to increase the Bitcoin price and the investors will definitely have to face difficulty in making the profits through it. Market experts predict that the bitcoin market is closer than ever before.


The cryptocurrency market is unexpected and no person could have a proper idea about the fluctuation of its bitcoin prices. All you need to do is just stay updated with the latest digital coins news to know what decision you need to make while investing in any of the crypto currencies. Make sure to invest only that money that you have in spare.

Final Thoughts:

The founders of Heisenberg - Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert have predicted the bitcoin price as per their own understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Although their prediction might go in the right direction, you are always suggested to use your own mind before making any investments in any of the digital coin assets.


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