Serving Food is Equivalent to Serving Humanity

Serving Food is Equivalent to Serving Humanity

We all have learned in our school days that food is as important to eat as air to breathe, water to drink and home to live. Food is the source through which we get the energy to do work. When we eat food, it gets converted into energy for the body, by oxygen we breathe in.


Food with a well-balanced diet helps us in maintaining strength. Thus, promote good health and improve the immune system to fight against any virus and bacteria we often get exposed to germs.


With the help of food, we can attempt all the physical and mental activities properly. A person can perform every activity with the help of it if he is blessed with it.


When we buy food, we grab it hands and then put it inside the mouth without thinking if anyone nearby us is feeling hungry or whether he can afford a crumb of bread for him or his family.


In addition, how many children across the world have to fall asleep without having a single piece on the name of food? Obviously, a hungry mind rarely thinks about the hunger of others, the problem is still there in society, and the governments have been failed in resolving this issue at any stage.


Through this blog, I shall determine the role of food in our life, the value of every piece of food and discuss how financial stability can help us out in this move.

Role of food

After air and water, food is the third cumulative gift from nature and the third essential thing. This means food is necessary for living.

Though some food scientist does consider a long walk to have good food include in our daily diet and encourage the people to go with as per their suggestions towards the healthy eating benefits that suit everyone.

It is not related to any of different culture, but what we include in our daily diet must complete the requirements we should have in our food. Today life is very hectic for everyone, and people living in urban areas are too prone to bad eating habits.

Let us see how the significance of food throughout everyday life:

  • We take food for vitality and are the main wellspring of potency for the body. The vitality from food is then used by the body to build capacities and body endurance.


The food we eat contains some credential amount of carbohydrates which are then converted into Adenosine triphosphate, which is a vital source from the food and absorb by our body.

  • Food is taken for providing shape and structure to the body. The food we consume should have the right amount of proteins that give amino acids during absorption in the body.

These amino acids fabricate body cells, and tissues of multiple organs combine to work efficiently. It keeps up the shape and capacity to work long hours.

  • People should take food that can carry fibres and improve good digestion. Eating fibrous food can provide relief from abdomen related problems.

The maximum number of illness comes from bad digestion and improving this with fibrous fruits and vegetables. You can uproot them easily.

  • People who wish to build body and to replenish this purpose they have to spend long hours in the gym, shedding fat and gain muscles all around the body. This is possible by consuming proteins.

The gym trainers often counsel them for bodybuilding and this they should consume protein-rich diet like milk, nuts, meat and eggs etc.

  • Doctors also play with the rule of eating food as for the prescription for their patients. It is believed that most of the ailments can be finished just by adopting healthy eating habits. What you eat makes sure you are taking the right amount of nutrients and taking them on time.
  • Sometimes food is taken to provide mental certainty and people who engage with the same kind of work, get exhausted and mentally disturbed. Food can defy this sense and can revive his interest in the same work.


You have seen children saying that they require food to memorize their study stuff and your pets enjoy the aroma of food before you serve them in their container. Yes, food work for all.

  • Food is served for making connections with newcomers in life and while arranging a family reunion. Most of the new relations and friendships are made after eating delicious food. 

Food for vulnerable

In addition to above perceptions for food’s relevance, COVID has taught us that hunger can be dangerous and life-threatening situation too. We see in many countries where amidst lockdown people are made migrated from one place to another in search of food.


Those scenes were disheartening. Their child, women and old parents were all hungry and hardly got some food to reach at least the survival point. We should do something as a human gesture and a symbol of world harmony where no human should deprive of food at any condition.

Financial support

 Here direct lenders provide loans for even unemployed and one who with bad credit where no guarantor is required and you can easily access them to help the needy and hungry.


In our country, too many people are still denied good food and rarely getting the proper nutrition. We should enrol ourselves in the charities that provide food to these vulnerable and feed them at least two times a day.


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