Biosafety Cabinet developed for laboratory applications are divided into three main classes according to safety equipment and standards. Biosafety Cabinet with different properties protect users, the environment and the place of use from biological hazards and cross-contamination. Protection, cleaning and filtration systems become more specific with the increasing class of cabinets.


In laboratories where there are quite dangerous situations, precautions must be taken against every possible situation. Class II cabinets of these sterile cabinets with different models are equipped with a highly efficient particle filter (HEPA).


This HEPA filter directs the exhaust air directly into the laboratory or optionally via an integrated special connection to an exhaust system. Type II cabinets with special attachments can be used for microbiological tests with small amounts of volatile toxic chemicals and traces of radionuclides.

Properties of Class II Biosafety Cabinets:

The air flow through the HEPA filter, which offers an efficiency of 99.99%, is conducted through the vacuum function from the room in which the user is located into the cabinet and has a nominal inlet speed of 0.5 m / s and an output speed of 0.3 m / s. The cabinet offers maximum security with a seamlessly curved inner part made of stainless steel. The steel outer area is covered with epoxy resin. The control panel is digital and with an LCD display. Parameters such as air flow rate, HEPA filter service life, switching off the alarm, total operating time / service life of the 254 nm UV lamp in UV light models, programming of opening and closing processes, filter monitoring system, menu etc. can be viewed on the LCD screen with the touch Pad control on the right side can be monitored. It has a rod-shaped exciter that provides a warning of 20%, 10% and 0% for the filter life. It also offers an optional electronic security lock. ULPA filters can optionally be added to the class 2 model and thus an efficiency of 99.999% can be achieved. Ergonomic air barriers in the device prevent the mixing of particles in the air with the workplace and ensure maximum cleaning.

What Does The Biosafety Cabinet Do?

Cabinets that protect personnel and the environment can be configured with different properties. Biosafety Cabinet enable the safe implementation of various applications in clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories. Cabinets can also be preferred to smoothly complete the processes that have the potential to produce aerosols such as tissue homogenization, ultrasound, or mesh cleaning.

Characteristics of Biosafety Cabinets:

Stainless steel construction, robust body construction, externally mounted work light, easy to disinfect pre-filter system and controlled control units are among the main features of the Biosafety Cabinet. The entire work area on the worktop is evenly illuminated. The front edges have a raised armrest to reduce operator fatigue. Glass windows with high physical resistance make it easy to replace the pre-filter and to place bulky objects. Hinged or clip-on windows can be set at the desired angle depending on the application requirements.


The Biosafety Cabinet with stainless steel content and radiant corners is also very easy to clean. Gradually opened pre-filters and HEPA filters can be easily removed and cleaned from the plate. The intuitive operation of the digital control panel such as air speed, humidity values ​​and lighting system can be achieved quickly.


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