Bollywood Divas & Their Swanky Celebrity Fashion Sunglasses

Bollywood Divas & Their Swanky Celebrity Fashion Sunglasses

Summer has begun and our B-town divas are finding it hard to step out in summer without their shades. While Bollywood’s prominent actresses have always framed their fashion statement at their best, this year’s blazing summers won’t deter them from boasting their unique style statement. From emblazoned frames to old-fashioned over-sized frames Bollywood superstars are taking advantage of this season to flaunt with their treasured pair of sunglasses. Let’s take a look at celebrity eyewear and stylish sunglasses for women.

Deepika Padukone 

Deepika Padukone is one of the Bollywood actresses who has a deep fondness for dark glasses. You must have seen her in Cat eye, Vintage Squared frames and even in classic Aviator styles. Doesn’t she look awesome in her every look? That’s stylistic. She has newly joined the trend of wearing the browline frames and ace the summer look with her latest browline frame.

Kangana Ranaut 

When it comes to creating a fashion statement, Kanana Ranaut spares no effort! She loves to experiment with her looks, so does she tries with sunglasses. She has swooned over her bold oversized shades which she wears with her ethnic apparel. She prefers trends that are unique, bold and futuristic. These styles suit her effortlessly and upraise her entire laidback outfit. This daring choice made her a fashion icon in B-town.

Priyanka Chopra 

Priyanka Chopra’s affection for sunglasses is not a hidden clandestine. She is fond of dark glasses and cat-eye style being the most preferred one! Her style of shades changes subject to the apparel she is wearing a particular day. She gathers whatsoever style she acquires! Moreover, she flawlessly carries every style with great panache and grace. The dark wayfarer impeccably complements her formal attire.

Sonakshi Sinha 

Sonakshi Sinha is famous for her bold looks and like all other divas in B-town, she also loves to experiment with her style statement, be it hairstyles or sunglasses. She has a strong fondness for classic aviators and oversized double-shaded sunglasses.


Who else can forget her Ray-Ban aviator in the action drama movie Dabangg? Due to her liking for shades, she was recently declared as the corporate ambassador of Foster Grant Eyewear

Alia Bhatt 

Being one of the youngest actresses in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt leaves no stone unturned while setting a coolest hued trend in B-town.  She loves to play with lively colours and most fond of the ultra-fashionable reflective shades. She also prefers trends that are unique, bold and futuristic and perfectly complement her young look.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is famous for her street style and she opts oversized sunnies. She was also seen experimenting with other styles like Round, Keyhole Bridge and Retro Square shapes. There can be no denying that she looks classy, elegant and cool in her roundies.

Jacqueline Fernandes 

Jacqueline Fernandes is admired for her edgy collection of Cat-eye shades. Being the glamour girl of Bollywood, these signature cat-eye sunglasses accentuate her wilder side incredibly.


Cat-eye glasses are undeniably this season's most adored eyewear trend. With the new quirky upgrade and all sorts of variations, this feline style has become a mainstream fashion statement now.


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