How Do You Know if Your Website Needs SEO?

How Do You Know if Your Website Needs SEO?

If you're wondering how to know if your website needs SEO, then first ask yourself: Do you want people to find your website? If you answered "Yes", then your website needs SEO. However, knowing which aspects of SEO you need can be tricky. In this guide, you'll find some helpful tips that'll show you the path ahead.

1: Look at your website's statistics

To know which areas of SEO you need to work on, start by looking at your website's stats. One of the best free programs out there is Google Analytics. This tool will give you lots of info about your website's traffic flow, where your visitors are coming from, and what they do on your website.

2: Find out what your competitors are doing

One of the best ways to know which areas you need help with is to look at where your competitors succeed. You can do this by looking at their website's stats via tools like Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs. Also, find out what they're doing on social media by looking at their most popular social media posts.

3: Check your website for broken links and images

Broken links and images are two of the most common problems that many websites have, and they can quickly have a negative impact on your site's reputation. Fortunately, these problems can easily be found and fixed if you look out for them.

4: Make sure your website loads quickly

If people browsing your website have to wait a long time for it to load, then they may simply leave and go somewhere else. This is why you need to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible. Luckily, there are lots of tools that can be used to measure your website's loading speed.

5: Content is king

Even with a great website design and lightning-fast load times, if your content is low quality, then you could lose readers. So make sure that the content on your site is truly engaging for visitors.

6: Don't compare yourself to the wrong websites

If you're looking at your competitor's traffic rates and seeing they get more visitors than your website, chances are you're comparing apples with oranges at this stage. You need to make sure you're only comparing traffic rates with websites in the same niche and with similar authority as yours. Otherwise, you'll end up wasting your time and money on the wrong types of SEO.

7: Make a content calendar

Creating a content calendar will help you plan what you're going to publish next. This is important because it'll give readers a heads up as to when they can expect a new blog post or a social media update. This will also help you stay organized and focused on your website's long-term goals rather than just short-term wins. With this in mind, you'll be able to produce the best quality content for your readers. You can also use the Firestarter SEO Company Denver-based service to help you in this crucial area.