Different Types of Machining Services

Different Types of Machining Services

The different types of machining services include: free-machining, semi-free-machining, and non-free machines. These terms refer to the metal chip formation produced by turning or milling. The various cutting tools, like solid end mills and ball nose end mills both produce different types of chips and thus require a different type of machining operation.

The free-machining, or chip-forming cutting tool produces chips that are continuous and smooth with a small degree of curl at the end. This is the optimum chip formation for milling, turning, boring, routing, reaming, and drilling. 

The semi-free-machining cutting tool produces chips that are continuous and with a large degree of curl at the end. This is the optimum chip formation for reaming, boring, and tapping.

Non-free machining refers to the cutting tool producing non-continuous chips which result in rough surfaces and large chips. This is the optimum chip formation for turning and boring tools with carbide tips.

Some machines, like CNC Milling Machines, use face mills to cut workpieces in milling.

The other machining services include High Speed Machining (HSM) and Precision Machining. HSM offers high production rates while maintaining size tolerances. In the world of machining, this is a desirable state of affairs. It allows manufacturers to get more done in a shorter period of time while assuring that parts being produced meet proper specifications each and every time. The manufacturing process begins with a process simulation program which takes into account the material type, the cutting tool geometry, spindle speed, feed rate, and depth of cut. The process simulation is based on empirical data gathered from previous processes with similar characteristics.

Next the cutting tool path for HSM machining is set up using CAM software. The cutting tool path begins at a specified location on the workpiece surface where the cutting sequence starts. It may also begin at a simple hole or pocket on the surface. The tool path travels across and around objects on the workpiece before returning to the original starting point.

The path is generated by positioning the cutting tool at each point where the workpiece will be cut. The HSM machine consists of a spindle, proper feed mechanism, and means for placing or removing the part after machining has been completed.

High speed machining can also be performed on CNC Milling Machines. Apart from this, finding the proper type of machining service is also an important factor in the manufacturing business depending on your needs.

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Before choosing a machine shop, be sure to do your research and read reviews from former customers. Also be sure to ask any questions or concerns you may have before they begin your project. It is important to ensure the finished product meets or exceeds your expectations. Having good communication about your desired goals can help the machine shop better understand your needs.