5 Necklace Designs to Check out This Wedding Season

5 Necklace Designs to Check out This Wedding Season

COVID or no COVID, weddings remain the top priority to dress up for every woman. The wedding season for women in India and even abroad turns out to be the most important event of the year. With the maximum opportunity to doll-up on not just one but several occasions, women get hyper-activated planning their looks for each event from the moment they get invited an informed. And while the dresses play an essential role in the styling, jewelry plays an equally important role in brightening up the look. And if you are thinking that we are talking about gold jewelry, then dear ladies, be absolutely excited because we are not. 


It is the artificial necklace sets online we are talking about. It gives you a lot of options to choose from, like buy dual-tone necklace online,  oxidized silver necklaces, etc.  However, as an added perk it also can be customized according to your budget with necklace set online shopping below 500. The artificial necklace sets online leave no stone unturned in exemplifying the wedding look for the bride and her friends and family. However, it depends on the person wearing to keep the style too heavy or low with the necklace sets. So with absolute peace of mind, check out the five must-have necklace designs for this wedding season:

  1. Royal Maharani Kundan Haars

Be it the bride or not the bride, the Royal Maharani Kundan Haars are the ultimate show stealers for weddings. Typically not the best choice for the day events, the heavy but gorgeous necklace design suits perfect for the D-Day. 

  1. The Saatlada

Saatlada as known as in India, is also called the layered necklace design. The typical design is not new but is somewhat vintage. But ever since Jodha-Akbar released, the necklace style returned for good. Although brides prefer to wear the layered pearl necklace for the look, one can customize it with any metal like an oxidized silver necklace and with any number of layers. It can open up a simple attire to an unimaginable degree.

  1. Chokers

Not going out of the scene so soon are the chokers that have been winning the hearts of stylists for a few years now. Although the trend surfaced in the form of lace or the fabric chokers, the new Indian metallic version has got our hearts melted for years to come now. While the meenakari chokers can work wonders for the bride, others can opt to buy dual-tone Necklace online.

  1. Rajasthani Aadh

Another necklace design perfect for the wedding season is the Rajasthani Aadh that is more like a shield design but with intricate work on them.  You can use them as statement pieces to complete your look. Currently trending with the bridal and Indo-western attires, you can get a few options while buying necklace set online shopping below 500.

  1. South Indian Temple

Last but not the least is South Indian Temple design that can be a perfect alternative for married or unmarried women who have a soft corner for mangalsutras. With a similar design, the temple necklaces are much heavier versions initially. However, with various jewelry designers surfacing online, the design just like others has been played with. Much lighter and quirky versions of the same can be seen while purchasing artificial necklace sets online.


Necklace buying can be a tedious job, especially when it is the wedding look you are planning for. However, with Foxiie as your online solution, you can perfectly chill to find the latest and most unique necklace designs for the wedding season.

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