Earlobe Repair Treatment with High Success Rate in Delhi

Earlobe Repair Treatment with High Success Rate in Delhi

Indian females are fond of wearing heavy danglers matching to their attires. But an undeniable fact is wearing heavy danglers for a long period of time often results in earlobe splits. This actually hampers their overall beauty and personality. Thus, women look for earlobe repair treatment from the licensed skin care clinic in Delhi, India.


It is wrong to say that wearing heavy danglers is the only cause of earlobe stretching. Overextended or torn earlobes may be caused due to constant rubbing of earrings with pillows due to which ear gets pulled and holes enlarged. Some other factors are:


  • Congenital earlobe defect
  • Sports mishap like wrestling
  • Accidental injury or trauma
  • Wrong ear piercing
  • Entanglement of earrings or an attempt of earrings snatching

Whatever be the reason or extent of damage, earlobe repair is possible with a surgical process, Lobuloplasty.

What is Lobuloplasty?

Lobuloplasty is a reconstructive cosmetic surgery carried out to correct the deformities in the ear or damage caused to earlobe due to wearing heavy danglers, wrong cases of ear piercing and so on. This cosmetic surgery repairs the earlobe and fixes all issues aesthetically.

Treatment Process

Lobuloplasty is performed in two ways: with stitches and without stitches. The general procedure is the patients are given local anesthesia for numbing the operation’s site. After that, an incision is made in the earlobe for removing the affected area and the remaining portions are sutured together. It is a simple procedure easy to perform in the time frame of 30 minutes. The complex reconstructive surgery may take a few hours and even the treatment is performed in various stages if the desired shape is not achieved with one session.

Right Candidates for the Earlobe Repair Surgery

Those people who have earholes of about 8 mm or more are the right candidates for the surgery. People with any kind of skin infection or other health complications are not ideal candidates for the surgery. Even older people are not the right candidate to undergo the earlobe repair treatment. In Delhi, earlobe repair surgery is quite common and reputed plastic surgeons receive on an average 7 queries pertaining to the surgery on a daily basis.

Road to Recovery

The road to recovery after Lobuloplasty is quite quick and smooth. The patients can experience the final result of the surgery within a couple of weeks whereas the complete results are visible in a month’s time. Patients are allowed to start with a normal routine after a week.

Side Effects of Treatment

It is quite a safe procedure provided performed by experienced and trained plastic surgeons. Some of the common side-effects are a pain at the site of operation, discomfort, swelling, etc. All these mild side-effects go away in a day or two. If required, patients may take over-the-counter medications for getting relief from pain and discomfort. In rare cases, it happens that the stitches get infected. Such cases arise when patients do not follow post-operative guidelines sincerely.

Post-operative Guidelines

Patients get discharged from the hospital on the same day of operation with the dressing over the ears. When the dressing is removed after 2-3 days, patients need to wear a headband during the night time to keep the ears intact. They need to take certain medications for preventing any further complications. The appearance of small scars on the earlobe may become a matter of worry for patients but the scar usually fades away with time. Surgeons recommend the application of antibiotic cream on the operation site for a few days.


In order to get the desired results for a long time, opt for ear piercing after 6 months.

Cost of Earlobe Repair Treatment in India

As compared to other surgeries, earlobe surgery is expensive. Depending upon the surgeon, the kind of surgery and extent of damage needs to repair, the cost may increase extensively. It is important to highlight the fact that the cost of earlobe repair surgery may vary from one clinic to another. With Clinic Dermatech you can get earlobe treatment done at a very cost-effective budget. Moreover, the result of treatment is often satisfactory as they engage only the expert team to carry out this method.  

Right Method to Start with Earlobe Repair Treatment

The primary task is to find an experienced plastic surgeon in Delhi or in India, possessing hands-on experience in performing the earlobe surgery with a high success ratio. Finding the right surgeon is equivalent to winning the half battle. Once you find the surgeon, fix an appointment for an initial consultation. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will look upon several factors like the health condition of a person, expectations from the treatment, kind of damage, etc. After gathering important facts, he will tell the right method of correcting the large earlobe. Simultaneously, he will explain the procedure, cost and risk involved. The surgeons start with operation formalities once patients give their nod for the treatment.

Earlobe Treatment Done at Clinic Dermatech

When you expect something best for your delicate parts like an earlobe, there is no better choice than going to Clinic Dermatech. The result from treatment is quite effective and lasts for a lifetime when necessary precautions are followed.


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