Explore Luxury Labels Like Black Tape by Dex At a Boutique Beyond Your Dreams

Explore Luxury Labels Like Black Tape by Dex At a Boutique Beyond Your Dreams

When you love to shop, you quickly become familiar with all the little boutiques in your area. From the quaint and eclectic shops full of handmade trinkets to the sleeker, modern stores with spotlight lighting and pristine shelving displays, every boutique has its own personality and flavor. But the small and limited space of so many of today’s boutiques always leaves us wanting more. We long for more space to browse, more options to seek, and longer shopping experience. That’s why those in the know turn to Southern Muse, the massive modern boutique in Collierville Tennessee that blows all the rest right out of the water. Filled to the gills with luxury brands such as Black Tape by Dex, Young Fabulous & Broke, Esqualo, and AS by DF, Southern Muse is a treasure trove of unique pieces and high fashion and nearly four times the size of your average boutique!

Pick any of the numerous high fashion brands available at Southern Muse and you’ll instantly understand what it is that sets this major boutique ahead of the rest. The elegant, modern, and mature collection Black Tape by Dex, for instance, stands as a perfect example of all that can be found at Southern Muse. Each garment in this collection is unlike any you’ve had before, yet the whole collection is undeniably on-trend and in line with all the latest fashions. This means that when you wear a Black Tape designer outfit, not only are you fashionable and stylish, but you are also a trendsetter, a step above the crowd with a fashion-forward look.


Better yet, that forward-thinking style is a look that will last by design. After all, Dex’s motto is “Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever,” and it shows in the transcending quality of their designs. The Black Tape collection at Southern Muse is both mature and current, featuring the hottest modern styles such as elegant bodysuits, powerful pants, and flowing cardigans made for sophisticated women who know what they want. The entire collection is effortlessly stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear – perfect for a busy woman with places to be. Best of all, the Black tape collection melds perfectly with your pre-existing wardrobe, making it easy to take your favorite jeans, blouses, and skirts and elevate them to a new level of fashion.


Much like the wide variety of clothing Southern Muse has to offer, the Black Tape by Dex collection features both casual and semi-formal realms of design. You’ll find soft and silky camis and ribbed tank tops that can be worn alone or layered under thicker cardigans, jackets, and blouses to curate your own daily style. Not to mention the fitted blouses and gorgeous bodysuits that are easy to dress up with just a few accessories. Plus, every Black Tape garment has the class and style to become any outfit’s defining focal point, allowing you to curate a full head-turning outfit in just minutes when you have one of these gems on hand.


Mature, stylish, and trendsetting dresses, blouses, and pants aren’t exclusive to the Dex label of course and at Southern Muse, you’ll find an endless array of high fashion options to build your own stylish and sophisticated wardrobe. Whether you’re the type to pick and choose from a variety of luxury labels or go all-in with your favorite designer, a high fashion wardrobe is never more than a shopping trip away at Southern Muse. So what are you waiting for? Browse online or better yet in-store today, where you’ll find three times as many stunning styles that are going so far beyond anything your old boutiques had to offer.


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