Far away from home? How to cope up with the lock-down crisis?

Far away from home? How to cope up with the lock-down crisis?

How to cope up with the lock-down crisis?

Getting bored at home due to lockdowns across the country? Have nothing to do  There is no doubt that those who are with everyone in the family is having a good time, but those who are out of the house due to work, their condition is really miserable.

On the one hand, the panic of the coronavirus, on the other hand, the stress of being away from the family, the combination of these two, there is a considerable risk of deteriorating physical health. So try to cope with this temporary change without unnecessary tension. Here are the tips!

Enjoy wherever you are: 

Alone to do all the housework yourself? If you have to do office work with him, then there is no doubt that it is very hard work, but there is also a satisfaction in doing your own work! Enjoy the matter. Cook the food of your choice, if there is a garden, take care of the plants, keep the house clean and tidy. Your daily exercise will be done by doing all these things!

Do what you like to do:

Do you like to draw pictures but due to lack of time, can't sit with any color pencil? Draw as many pictures as you want during your free time at home. Shake off the harmonium dust and sit down. The mind will be better.

Call your old friends:

Social distance doesn't actually mean maintaining the distance of the mind! Keep in touch with friends on the phone, make video calls, and chat. The distance will be erased in an instant!

Complete your pending tasks:

Have you been thinking of reading a book for a long time but haven't read it? Did you leave to watch the movie? Get rid of clutter you don't need during this lockdown. But the eyes also need to be rested. Do not watch movies or read books continuously.