Get to Know How a Gas Detector Works

Get to Know How a Gas Detector Works

Gas detectors are used in any industrial sites to ensure that there had been no leakage of gasses in the surroundings. This instrument is a safety toolkit and was primarily used in mines where the mine workers often used to die of coal gas, a harmful gas of carbon.


We can say that gas detectors are not a new machine but eventually over the years it has evolved technologically and has become more efficient in recent years due to the technical revolution.

Working of A Gas Detector

Every gas detectors are primarily made of sensors. The detectors have functioned in such a way that they are being able to sense the presence of the gases in the neighbourhood. If in any case, the concentration of a particular gas goes above the normal then the detectors go on and there is a sound along with a light that keeps on going on and off.

The primary level detectors were able to detect only one gas at a time however with the advancement of technology there had been considerable advancement and the sensors can detect several gases at the same time. Along with the detectors there comes a detector monitor that helps in determining the presence of which gas have reached the hazardous level or is having the tendency to do so. Accordingly, steps are being taken by the Engineers. The present gas detectors can detect up to four gases maximum.

The Sensor

The sensor used are mostly LED sensors. It requires a minimum of 10% oxygen initially in the environment so that there is no tar formation due to the dominance of carbon dioxide and can be enabled to have a clear look. It is a sensitive item and hence although it can last up to nearly four years it should be handled with great care.


Sometimes the sensors may be poisoned and there may be cases where the sensors would not be able to detect the gases properly. This happens mostly when a toxic gas affects the sensor over the years continuously and eventually it wears out.

The calibration and bump-testing are the tests that help understand if the sensors need to be changed.

Infrared Sensors

These are the most modern sensors that do not require any kind of oxygen concentration or calibration. These infrared sensors are used in confined tanks where the presence of oxygen is a big issue and the normal sensors cannot be used, one big advantage other than this is that there is no need for calibrating the sensor and it can work on its own.

BW Technology Gas Detectors

Various types of gas detectors are available under the BW Technology mark. They are one of the most prominent names in the industry and some of the types of gas detectors of the BW Technologies Gas Detectorare as follows.

  1. Single Gas Detectors- the single detector tubes are capable of detecting only up to one gas and if any time there is any company which deals with one single gas then those companies can go with single gas detectors because that can be economical.
  2. Multi-gas Detectors- unlike single-gas detectors multi-gas detectors are those detectors where the sensors can detect up to as many as four or even more gases. In any petroleum or other chemical industry where there are dealings with a lot of chemicals, multi-gas detectors are to be used.
  3. Automated Gas Detectors- These detectors maintain the calibration and track data for a suitable gas detector. The infrared sensors are used in this type of detector.


The BW Technologies Gas Detector in UAE makes a strong ground because of the petroleum market in Arabia. UAE is rich in petroleum and every other person wants to be in a place like UAE. The superpowers are also behind them so that they can get their oil demand fulfilled. The oil and petroleum establishment in UAE has made it invest more and more in safety items like gas detectors and gas monitors so that their residents can be safe.