3 Things You Can Do To Help Someone With Dementia

3 Things You Can Do To Help Someone With Dementia

If your loved one has dementia, you know there are many challenges ahead. There's no way the disease can be prevented, but it can be managed. The problem with dementia is that it can take away from your loved one's ability to function well in daily activities and make their lives much harder than they have to be. You'll notice changes in your loved one's behavior, which can be very frustrating at first. They may forget to do basic things or they may become easily confused. When these types of issues arise, you should do the following things.

1. Be Patient

One of the worst feelings is when you're trying to be patient, but it seems like your loved one doesn't care. You may think that if they cared, they would remember what you tell them. Yet you will need to be patient with your loved one as their disease progresses, and understand they will be different than they were before. But you should still always treat them with kindness and respect.

2. Talk to Them

Your loved one may not remember much of what you say, but that doesn't mean they aren't listening. Your loved one will still be able to hear your voice, so talk to them as much as possible. Even though they may forget things quickly, it's always good for them to hear you.

3. Help Them Remain Active

Your loved one can still be active even if they have dementia, so you should do everything you can to help keep their minds and bodies busy. Staying in a Sarasota assisted living facility may help, but being active will provide your loved ones with a sense of accomplishment, which will make them feel better about themselves.