How To Choose A Magnetic Card Reader?

How To Choose A Magnetic Card Reader?

Magnetic card readers are small chips that are found on the backside of various cards like ATM Cards, Credit Cards, metro Cards, or any other membership cards. These readers are mainly used to read the important documents that are hidden in the particular portion of the card and fulfill the purpose of the card.

Working of the Magnetic Card Reader

At the back of the card, the magnetic strip is made with iron-based magnetic particles and the whole thing is sealed with a transparent plastic strip.

These magnetic stripes are polarised and to fill in the required information it is necessary to polarise these magnetic particles in opposite directions.

To read or encode the required information in the card reader a device called an encoder is used. This device is used to encode the card reader with all the necessary information.

Information can be read through with the help of USB, Keyboard wedge port, and other devices. This Magnetic Card Reader is also known as mag stripe in various places of the World by common people.

Magnetic Stripe Readers read the code from the stripe and immediately convert it into Binary language. From there the application management software matches with the original information and performs the required action.


Magnetic Card readers are used in almost every place. In metro stations, railways, airplanes, hotels, Banks, ATMs, restaurants, and several other places. These places have introduced card systems from time to time for various purposes and have therefore have required the need for Magnetic Card Reader.

Choosing The Best Card Reader

There should be certain awareness that may guide you to check out if the Card Reader which is brought is fine or not. These particular things are a must to follow while purchasing a magnetic card reader.

• It should be able to read and transcript the information very efficiently and for a very long period.

• It should work continuously without malfunctioning

• There should be a strong panel through which the batches can be read efficiently and in very little time.

• Since the population is very high it should be able to hold up a maximum amount of load and have to be efficient continuously.

These are few key points that should be taken into account while choosing a Card Reader. While buying it the customers should go for a test drive and then finalize the product at the end.

The Market

Card Reader is being introduced in several areas now and especially with the corona virus pandemic the card readers are introduced to limit human contacts as much as possible. With this, the number of Magnetic Credit Card Reader Supplier has increased and several countries are installing these Card Readers in huge quantities. The maximum amount of Magnetic Card Reader nowadays is being exported by the Philippines. The Magnetic Card Reader in the Philippines has seen a huge profit and not only in that particular country but the whole country has started exporting card readers because this is a very effective and cheap method to contain the spread of the virus.


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