How To Generate Sales Through PPC Networks

How To Generate Sales Through PPC Networks

Many people think Pay Per Click is a way of instant marketing. Because with PPC, they get fully transparent metrics - cost per click, conversion rate, and customer acquisition cost that makes sense to think of PPC this way. We will explain how to generate sales through PPC networks.

1. Google:

It will be a blunder if we don't recognize Google's role in PPC networking. Whatever your business is, Google will always come on the top when it comes to improving sales via PPC networking. Google is the most popular PPC network today because of a massive volume of searches globally, a large-scale number of 3rd party domains are joining them.

After choosing Google ads, your business will be visible on more than two million websites also, on Google, Youtube, and mobile apps.

2.  Instagram:

Instagram is a part of Facebook. For Instagram, you do not require a Facebook business account because it's a different platform. A variety of formats are also available on Instagram. Instagram users are famous, to follow more brands and businesses as compared to other social sites.


Instagram is the highest clicked social media app in the world. They have billions of active users currently, and most of them are from the younger side. Hence, it's a great platform to post ads and attract youngsters.

3. Amazon Ads:

To help their sellers, Amazon provides Amazon Ads feature. You can post ads there to increase the sale of your goods. Amazon is the most prominent organization as per its market value and no one e-commerce company on this planet.

That's why people trust the mand buy stuff from their site. Amazon is the game-changer for you if you want to push your product towards the customer.

4. Facebook ads:

Creating a PPC account on Facebook is an easy task. After doing that, your ads will be visible on the sidebar of desktop or mobile. Your ads can be seen on Instagram feed as well because Facebook owns Instagram.

There are still a lot of people who prefer Facebook instead of Instagram. Facebook allows you to build a target audience based on particular interests and likes.

5. Bing ads:

Binge search engine almost received 6 billion searches every month. If you have already begun posting ads on Google, you can observe some similarities on both platforms. But Binge is created by Microsoft, and there you can have a great potential to do PPC networking.


After forming your PPC account on Binge, your ads will be visible on various Search engines, Microsoft Audience,Network,, the Edge browser, and partner sites like LinkedIn.

6. Twitter:

Users of Twitter are increasing every day. Everyone enjoys sharing their views on current affairs and wants to connect with their favorite film stars, politicians, and many more. There are approx 330 million engaged users each month on Twitter.

Not like other programs, Twitter ads are visible only on Twitter without any network partners. Still, Twitter is a good platform for posting ads because of the traffic their site receives.