Important Things Should have in Mind Before Investing in Classified Website Development
Important Things Should have in Mind Before Investing in Classified Website Development

Important Things Should have in Mind Before Investing in Classified Website Development

These classified ad websites have come up as the best approaches to build an income online. A person as a website owner can upload ads freely for their services and products and update and post promotions. All the users who need to purchase any product can directly go to the specific category, and it is provided for a better user experience. 

Here are the Things You Must Consider for a Classified Website Development!

Let’s check out the essential things that should be followed before investing in classified website development.

Find the Right Place

Before having an Olx clone app, the most general thing is to select a suitable platform to have their targeted audience, such as social media ads, print newspapers, online marketplaces, website banner ads, etc. It will be good to focus upon a particular keyword or more specific technical terms that will help you have the best and provide you with a better SEO ranking. 

Provides Free Ads in the Starting

It will get started listing and bring more active users to the website by offering free ads to the classified site. Free ads are always helpful for users who advertise their products to sell with a free-of-cost. It can reach up to a huge customer base in a short period, so it is an advantage of using these online classified sites. You can also post free classified ads can increase SEO and can do brand promotion freely.

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Invent the Website

The best approach to classified portal development is ad promotion on multiple social media platforms. While sharing the content on various social media platforms, first generate a high-quality blog to give extra information regarding services and products. Hence, if you require an income monthly, you can give other ventures space to post their ads on the website. Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, etc. are the best tools to improve the business. 

Featuring Ads

These featured ads permit list ads, and it is displayed at the top of their category list. If your venture has featured ads promotion, it will bring to the top of the list automatically. 


After completing all the criteria for building a Quikr clone app, the next significant thing you should consider is your classified marketing websites. It will help to increase the classified website for SEO ranking. Also, you can make a social account for classified business or can start a blog. Try to search for low-cost pay-per-click as well to bring it on the top. 


Providing great support will be a great method for a successful Olx clone app. If any person has an issue with the existing option on the site, they can reach you via a message or mail to match their needs. 

Features Included in a Classified Website

For attracting a lot of users, your classified website needs to include rich features. Here are the features that will make your classified ad portal attractive for the users.

  • Search feature including instant and category wise suggestions.

  • Save Searches and favorites to review the ads that are saved or liked.

  • Map integration on a classified ad portal.

  • Report a classified ad to fight spam and to permit the users to report misleading ads.        

Final Verdict

In this post, we have described all the essential things that are must-have before going deeper into classified website development. It is the best method to get more traffic, enhance sales, earn revenue, and create your brand. So be careful and mind some factors required to be considered before investing in creating a classified website. 

Try to have an Olx clone script to manage all the payments and ensuring that customers can access, handle posts, etc. easily. Hire dedicated and rich-experienced developers from a top-notch app and website development company that can provide you striking features at a reasonable cost. Connect with them and have a better customer experience.