New Real Estate Trends in Pakistan

New Real Estate Trends in Pakistan

The property market in Pakistan is growing in leaps and bounds. Most of its cities have become a hotbed for investment ventures. Like other developed countries of the world is working on a sustainable infrastructure model as a strategy to stop sprawling.

The strategies being adopted for sustainable development these days if the size on carefully planned development of high rises to utilize every piece of land optimally and avoid overcrowding in the cities. It will also help in preserving the natural surrounding and environment.

Due to recent real estate reforms real estate investment popularity has soared. Newer pre-planned property trends are modernizing our city every day.

Following are the top property trends 2021 in Pakistan

2021 has seen changes in our real estate industry. Following are the new additions to Pakistan's real estate portfolio:

  • High-Rise buildings
  • Modern Gated communities
  • Low-cost housing schemes
  • Mixed-use development projects

High-Rise Buildings

These days you can see high rises in all the major cities of Pakistan. Most of them are found in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. These are the most active cities of Pakistan in terms of economic activity which are now allowing the construction of high-rise buildings. Lahore development authority (LDA) has recently issued guidelines that allow the construction of such buildings in an urban area.

High-rise buildings are not only used for officers but also for residential projects. This helps in alleviating the housing problems in crowded cities. The popularity of these buildings is also the millennial. These people prefer to live in flats and apartments instead of houses. To this type of presidential preferences, many developers are investing in such as Etihad Town flats. The main reason behind people wanting to live in flats and apartments instead of a house is that these flats are affordable and much easier to maintain.

Modern Gated Communities

The living standard in Pakistan has improved greatly over the last few years. Today people have very specific expectations of the lifestyle they are seeking. An exclusive gated community such as apartments on installments in Lahore fits right into that context which is why gated communities in Pakistan are thriving these days. Almost all main cities have at least one of those communities while in big cities a new one pops up every month. These ultra-modern residential communities have gained their popularity first they are marketed to offer a safe residential environment and promise an exclusive living experience.

Due to the rising demand for residence within these societies, the start of investors are investing exclusively in these communities whether these are houses or flats for sale in Lahore,  every community has multiple choices for residence to offer to the potential buyers. Etihad Town is a shining example of that.

Benefits of Modern Gated Communities

Gated communities offer exceptional benefits as well as an upscale lifestyle to the residents. It also offers great investment opportunities. Following are some benefits of gated residential communities.

  • The environment is entirely secure
  • Residents have absolute privacy
  • Experience of living in a community
  • Reduced traffic noise and risks
  • A safer environment to raise kids
  • Higher values for all sorts of property
  • Availability of recreational activities

Low-Cost Housing Schemes

Almost every big city in Pakistan is overpopulated and in dire need of affordable housing. To deal with this problem Pakistan government has launched a low-cost housing scheme called Naya Pakistan Housing Project (NPHP). This project is funded by the government and has been launched throughout Pakistan. With this project 5 million houses to be constructed for the people from the lower middle class, middle class, and labor class. There are several other benefits of this project such as:

Family Benefits

  • The well-being of minors because unsafe or inhabitable house environments is not good for them.
  • Better performance at school for kids and improved work-life for adults
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Financial stability

Economic Benefits

  • Cash flow in local communities
  • Healthier lifestyle for resident
  • Better job opportunities
  • Great investment opportunities

Mixed-Use Development Projects

Mixed-use projects are the ones where a single building houses residential commercial corporate sections under one roof. Almost all urban areas have these mixed-use complexes in our country. These complexes offer indoor facilities for residence and official use. They also tend to offer a secure environment for home operations therefore they are immensely popular these days. Many mixed-use construction sites in Lahore and even more are under construction. Mixed-use construction is an intelligent concept that endorses promising trends for real estate in Pakistan.

Due to all these great real estate investment projects, the industry had observed a rise in investors. Decide investors the demand for better housing that offers luxury facilities are also increasing and there are more and more buyers every day. Out of all investment properties, flats for sale in Lahore are an ideal option as they are trending fast these days.