Renting a luxury car isn't as difficult as you think

Renting a luxury car isn't as difficult as you think

A guide to the Dos and Donts of supercar hire.

 We should all rent luxury cars in Europe or anywhere else in the world more often. A Porsche for chasing a mountain road in the Alps, a luxury SUV for winter holidays or a Ferrari for a weekend getaway somewhere on Europe's best roads.

 Any trip will be more enjoyable if you drive a luxury or exotic car.

 As with most things in life, a few things need to be considered for a luxury car hire. Use the rental car experience to its fullest. Below are a few things to keep in mind when renting a luxury car:

1. Research your destination before you go: 

It's good to be spontaneous. It is almost certain you will end up with a hatchback rather than your dream car if you do not make a reservation. Secure your supercar in advance of your arrival at the destination by making a reservation. Identify the purpose of your supercar. Don't forget to take price and practicality into account when all this dreaming is going on.

02. Request a guarantee of the model:

Ensure that you get the exact model of luxury or exotic car you want. Ask for a guarantee on the model. We have found that most of the time, the cars we book are delivered.

03. When choosing your supercar, consider the size of your luggage:

Generally, SUVs are not an issue, if you have a lot of bags for your trip. Supercars, on the other hand, have very limited cargo space. Here are some solutions:

  • You can store your larger bags at the same hotel where you started your trip if you plan a loop.

  • You could also pack less and leave your hardcase Samsonite at home.

In addition to the sport-cars, the Porsche models offer enough space for two carry-ons and even some additional space in the backseat.

It is recommended for a supercar such as a Ferrari 488 to take a maximum of two carry-on bags. The cases should be soft and easy to squeeze.

Despite this, Ferrari also offers a family car with a reasonable amount of luggage space with the GT4 Lusso. The Urus is Lamborghini's second SUV in history.

04. Save money by avoiding one-way rentals:

A luxury car is usually delivered on the back of a truck. Depending on the distance between the garage and your location, the costs associated with trucking and driving can easily exceed those of a rental day. This brings us to our next point:

05. Rental rates in major cities:

You can save substantial delivery fees by starting your luxury car rental in a major city and returning to the same location. Deliveries and collections at remote locations like Lake Como can surely be arranged. However, the cost will be higher.

06. Be aware of the included mileage:

Prevent expensive surprises for extra mileage by considering the total mileage you will need for your trip before you rent your luxury car.

Typically, a maximum of 150 kilometres per day is included in the included mileage. For a Ferrari, a single extra kilometer can cost anywhere between four and nine Euros depending on the model. That's a lot of coffee, even in Switzerland.